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November Minutes

First and foremost – thank you Donna,  Denise & Lynda for cooking up a storm! Dinner & Dessert were a hit! You drew a record crowd! Welcome guests Joan Alpen and Mike Crivello! And welcome to our TWO new members Mark Mitchell (who had to Dine & Dash) and Kaelyn (kk) Sullivan!

Jerry on behalf of the club – Thank You! Jerry made corn hole games with recruits class logo’s for recruits to present to them as acknowledgement for the help with pond clean up.  Also Jerry made a card for the club to sign.


Dues are due NOW! In order to take advantage of the discount, you had to have your work hours in and dues paid by the November Meeting. There is no grace period – period! If your dues are not in by 12/15/17 the member is considered resigned from the club per the by-laws.


A reminder that ALL guests that ski the pond need to sign a waiver! The Waivers are on the Members Only Page. Keep one in your boat!

Click Here for a Guest Waiver

Once it’s signed, take a picture of it and text or email it to Daren Barry.

December Meeting

Cookie Exchange (bring 2 dozen cookies or so) Dec 7th


Thank you again Steve for a great Learn To Ski Season!


  1. July 14, GA1 at Lakeside Sponsored by SCCWSC.  This is a 2 round Class C.  40 skiers.  Diane Walker will be registrar
  2. July 15, GA2 at Lakeside Sponsored by Lakeside Ranch.  This is a 2 round Class C/L.  45 skiers.  Kevin Bishop will be registrar
  3. County Open – Discussed Aug 25th
For both GA tournaments, we will run the normal first come first serve registration process.  We will start taking entries as soon as the Online Guide is posted on the USAWS website.   I expect both events to fill up pretty fast (last year Sat filled up mid June) so if you want to ski please send in your entries promptly.


Fiscal year ends in February, start thinking about any new budget items.


Daren typed up a new roster Check Roster Here

Please check the roster for information accuracy!

November Meeting

Denise & Donna are planning a Mexican Fiesta on Thur November 2nd! Dinner is served at 7pm, Meeting at 7:30 at our beautiful new location at 6087 Great Oaks Parkway. Be there! Bring your Dues & Work completed work hours!

Please Notice the properly displayed Mussel Inspection Tag mounted on the beautiful Mastercraft!

Slalom Course is in!

THE SLALOM COURSE IS IN!! Thank you to John Crivello for swimming for two hours tying up slalom balls and boat guides. Thanks to Kevin Bishop for bringing his boat and assisting with tying up hooks and bungee cord while driving the boat to the next sub-float. The course is as straight as it ever was and drives the same as always. Kevin ran right up through 38 off and got 3 @ 39 in a stiff tail wind. Water depth is perfect and still not horribly cold. A reminder that there will be some floating debris for awhile. The good news is we cut a lot of weeds. The bad news is with a north wind those weeds wind up at the launch ramp. Bring a rake. Get your boats inspected and let’s get some water skiing in before snow skiing takes over.