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October Membership Meeting – 10/2 @7pm

Membership meeting this Thursday, October 2nd 7pm upstairs Room #4 at the Almaden Community Center
  • Dock repair party
  • E Board Volunteers and Nominations
  • Support Position volunteers
We are in need of several volunteers for positions including;
  • VP Membership
  • VP Tournaments
  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Member(s)-at-Large
  • Course Caretaker
  • Scorer
  • Social Committee
A lot of the veteran club members have never volunteered for a Board or Supporting position. Now is the time to step up! During my 10+ years on the Board, I continue to see the same faces stepping up to help run this club. The old adage, “10% of the members do 90% of the work” has unfortunately held true. It’s possible some long term Board members are just “burnt out”. Time to step up “members in the shadows”! It’s too easy to just sit back and let the usual suspects do all the work. “Hey, there’s no water, what’s the point?”. Members who participate, realize a dry lake is actually an opportunity for improvement. We need everyone’s help!
Active and Inactive dues, proof of current USA WATERSKI Membership, and work hours are due Thursday November 6th.  
Please contact Scot G ASAP regarding nominations, volunteering, or issues with Membership renewal.


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Nominations Due for “The Larry Goodwin, Good of the Club Award”

SCCWSC members and friends,

Yes, it’s that time again.  While everyone is enjoying the holidays and getting to the perfect skiing weight we need you to give your SCC Waterski club some attention.  Its time to nominate anyone in the club that you think is deserving of our most prestige  award “The Larry Goodwin,  Good of the Club Award”.   Yes those blue ribbons are nice, the medals at regional’s and nationals you can brag about but this award is something REALLY  SPECIAL because you are recognized from your fellow members and peers as truly above and beyond, over the top, and just darn Special.

I have attached the information about the award. But certainly there is more.   If you are interested in nominating someone for the award, please submit a written (e-mail is just fine) nomination to Scott by the Jan 2nd 2014  General Meeting.

The Goodwin Award _2014

Contact John Collins if you have any questions.


Webmaster Daren Barry4u375

SCCWSC Awards Banquet and Social – Feb. 8th, 2014

Mark your calendar and SAVE this DATE – FEB 8th.  Look for an Evite from Donna and get your checkbook ready next month!

Volunteers are needed to help with event. If you are interested and want to get a jump on work hours for 2014, please contact Donna.

Location: A Bellagio Italian Restaurant

Family Style Dinner Menu (See Below) – No decisions necessary,  each table will be served all of this Family Style

Date: Feb 8th , 2014, (Superbowl is Feb 2nd, no conflicts with 49ers)

Projections/Video Possible but Entertainment Committee (forming NOW, Get those work hours in early, Contact Donna to help out) is Planning “Social / Engaging” activities.

Tentative Schedule (tentative because it is Italian and they only follow a clock because it is in front of them on the wall J)

—-Sprinkled in among all this will be Raffles, Parmesan and unique Water-Ski related Social actives —-

6:00 Social and Cash Bar

7:00 Dinner

8:00 Awards

9:00 Grand Finale and Cash Bar (more on this later)

???? Conclusion  (When Restaurant closes or you run out of CASH at the Bar)

 Cost is $50/person to include Wine with Dinner (*soda is free)

 The most fantastico Dinner Menu:

Webmaster Daren Barry4u375