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SCCWSC Awards Banquet and Social – Feb. 8th, 2014

Mark your calendar and SAVE this DATE – FEB 8th.  Look for an Evite from Donna and get your checkbook ready next month!

Volunteers are needed to help with event. If you are interested and want to get a jump on work hours for 2014, please contact Donna.

Location: A Bellagio Italian Restaurant

Family Style Dinner Menu (See Below) – No decisions necessary,  each table will be served all of this Family Style

Date: Feb 8th , 2014, (Superbowl is Feb 2nd, no conflicts with 49ers)

Projections/Video Possible but Entertainment Committee (forming NOW, Get those work hours in early, Contact Donna to help out) is Planning “Social / Engaging” activities.

Tentative Schedule (tentative because it is Italian and they only follow a clock because it is in front of them on the wall J)

—-Sprinkled in among all this will be Raffles, Parmesan and unique Water-Ski related Social actives —-

6:00 Social and Cash Bar

7:00 Dinner

8:00 Awards

9:00 Grand Finale and Cash Bar (more on this later)

???? Conclusion  (When Restaurant closes or you run out of CASH at the Bar)

 Cost is $50/person to include Wine with Dinner (*soda is free)

 The most fantastico Dinner Menu:

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