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Minutes 2/4/16 (Jan Fey’s House)

Fun Days

Discussion of “Fun Days” to get the club together to ski in the absence of a pond.  Club would rent a tournament lake – Need a chairmen.

LTS Days

scheduled for 8 weeks 6/29 to 8/10.  Calero is the plan of record.  Will firm up on 4/30

Grand American paper work is in.

Have tournament tow ropes.  Need to be checked and adjusted.  Jerry and Ryan have offered.
John is working on a budget include some funds for entertainment

No board meeting needed for March 2016

Paul proposed Chuck Hammond being recording/corresponding secretary.  This was accepted by Chuck and will be voted as approved by the members in attendance.  Paul will be working to obtain the additional required votes via e-mail to achieve a quorum.
Shed needs to be cleaned out
Costa Rica Trip cancelled
Babes Boat Bright order coming up – Talk with Paul

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Next club meeting January 7th @ Famous Dave’s BBQ

A reminder there is no December Ski Club Meeting tomorrow night.

January Dinner Meeting, Thursday, Jan. 7 @ Famous Dave’s BBQ.

Our next meeting will be Jan. 7 at Famous Dave’s BBQ at the Plant in San Jose.
We have reserved the back room again for a buffet of BBQ ribs, chicken, pork and brisket.
We will also have Caeser salad, baked beans, Famous fries, corn bread with bread pudding and hot fudge kalua brownies for dessert.
5 – 6 is no host happy hour,
6 – 7 dinner with a short business meeting after.

We had 52 people have a scrumptious all you can eat dinner last year. $20 per person again this year.

Please make reservations by December 30 with Jerry Heinrichs.

Send check made out to SCCWSC to 3434 Suncrest Ave., San Jose, 95132.

Friends are invited. Where can you get a meal like this for only $20 per person?

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New for 2016

Please note the following changes for 2016.
Single and Family Memberships in good standing = $100
Single and Family not qualified for the 2016 discount = $200
Inactive Memberships as of 2014 (no changes) = $25
Work Hours
Family = 15 hours
Single = 10 hours
  • Double work hours for learn-to-ski days only
  • Learn-to Ski Boat Owners earn all 2016 work hours
  • Host a Monthly meeting/Event earn all 2016 work hours
  • A hosted event MAY qualify as a monthly meeting.
  • Attendance to a minimum of 3 monthly meetings/events is required to receive the following year’s discount.
2016 Active & Inactive Dues and 2015 work hours must be delivered to the VP Membership by November 30, 2015.
The club still has vacancies for President and Recording Secretary for 2016.
There is no scheduled club meeting/event for December 2015 at this time. December 2015 begins the new Work Hours year (Dec 2015 thru Nov 2016 Membership meeting).
Thank you to all who attended and participated in the November Pot Luck and all the club’s 2015 functions.
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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Course Survey Update, Remaining Work Hours, Dues, Annual Vote

A big thank you to Owen for confirming our course accuracy today. Our course survey is now complete and confirmed to be within a half centimeter average width. Well within the required specifications and near perfect. Congratulations and thank you to all who put their time and effort into this project:
  • Jerry
  • John & Donna
  • Don & Doug
  • J Gambello
  • Andrew
  • Art and Angie
  • and any others I have forgotten to list here.
  • Great job by all!
As John G relayed, there is still a small amount of work yet to be completed. We do not need an organized work party to complete these last few tasks:
  • Re-install railings
  • Dig out the north end of the north dock.
  • Fresh staining
Get down to the pond and earn some easy work hours!
Work hours, membership dues, and proof of USAWaterski membership should be turned at the Thursday, Nov 6th membership meeting and are PAST DUE after December 15th.
November Meeting will also include the annual vote for 2015 E Board and Chair Persons positions.
November Membership meeting will be a Pot Luck culinary experience..
2 SUPPLEMENT HOURS of work hours for every pot luck dish brought to November’s meeting!
Bring 2 dishes = 4 work hours.
Except of course Andrew R, who will be continuing his Outback EMT Ski Patrol training!  

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October Membership Meeting – 10/2 @7pm

Membership meeting this Thursday, October 2nd 7pm upstairs Room #4 at the Almaden Community Center
  • Dock repair party
  • E Board Volunteers and Nominations
  • Support Position volunteers
We are in need of several volunteers for positions including;
  • VP Membership
  • VP Tournaments
  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Member(s)-at-Large
  • Course Caretaker
  • Scorer
  • Social Committee
A lot of the veteran club members have never volunteered for a Board or Supporting position. Now is the time to step up! During my 10+ years on the Board, I continue to see the same faces stepping up to help run this club. The old adage, “10% of the members do 90% of the work” has unfortunately held true. It’s possible some long term Board members are just “burnt out”. Time to step up “members in the shadows”! It’s too easy to just sit back and let the usual suspects do all the work. “Hey, there’s no water, what’s the point?”. Members who participate, realize a dry lake is actually an opportunity for improvement. We need everyone’s help!
Active and Inactive dues, proof of current USA WATERSKI Membership, and work hours are due Thursday November 6th.  
Please contact Scot G ASAP regarding nominations, volunteering, or issues with Membership renewal.


Webmaster Daren Barry4u375