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General Information

January Meeting Minutes

Welcome Kaylin Sullivan (Mike’s daughter) – glad to have you at the meeting!

Mussel Inspection

Reminder the annual inspection for many members is around the corner! If you visit any other lakes you must get re-inspected / tagged. If you get re-inspected, get the information to Gordon so he can reset your annual date.  Mussel inspections and compliance is a ONE STRIKE (the whole club) out policy.  Please check the SCCWSC member’s page for details – OR ASK SOMEONE IN OUR CLUB ABOUT IT!!!! No excuses!

Use Caution

The Docs were resurfaced and may be slick in the wet weather. Also be on the lookout for debris from the heavy rains.


Steve is reaching out to Parks & Rec and the Boy & Girls clubs (6 events?).  Steve will also get a creek clean up on the calendar.


Grand American July 8th & 9th

County Open Sept 9th

Wild Card was not made a Class C due to staffing shortages of Sr. Judges

Matt Brandt is also working on a tournament series that would include the county open.

Anderson Dam

Work has been delayed for 2 years and will be completely rebuilt


Need policies from Jay V, Daren. Erin M & John C need additionally insured


Following up with Ken Reeser, have closing checks from Doug K & Rich S. Gordon S has sent his initiation fee. Annual budget is due at the end of February, looking for inputs. Denise is considering a Bocce Ball gathering in Los Gatos in Late Jan or Feb (need  a min of 12 people).


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Nov Meeting Minutes

Welcome Chris Lesch – our guest!

Welcome Mike Sullivan – our newest member!

All work hours are due as of 11/3/16

Locker storage fees are going up.

Election Next Meeting

President is open!


Class C at the Pond – September? Crivello has the date, Bishop recommends 9/16 & 9/17 and will bring to Sacto. Needs to be organized by the end of the year to get into the Regional Guide.


Thanks to John G for new dock boards (Heart Redwood)!

Men’s 9 National Champ

Don thanks the club for decades of friendship and ski rides. Don started skiing  in 1952. Started slalom skiing in the 60’s on a flat bottom Majarajah. Congrats Don!!!

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Don Fournier Men’s 9 National Champ!

Don Honored by SCCWSC for 1st Place finish at National’s. The club and his friends spared No Expense in hiring Jerry Heinrichs to create one of his masterpieces recognizing Don’s achievement.


Resurfaced the Docks

Thank you to Steve Dachauer, Rick Dachauer and his daughter, Sophia, Scott Graham, Gordon Simmons, and Mike Sullivan . They sanded and refinished the docks for the winter. They look awesome! We started at 8 am sanding and finished the sealing at 2;30 pm. If you plan on skiing Saturday morning, check if the stain sealer is dry before you walk on it and then step in your boats.

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October Minutes

Guests – potential member Brad Foss – Welcome!

Dues are Due at Nov Meeting

If your dues are late, you lose the $100/150 deduction!!! No Grace Period!

Individual: $160. Family $390 with a potential $100/$150 deduction for participation (club hours & meeting attendance) See bylaws for details. Scroll down to the Oct 7th post for more details.

New Members

Mish Chadwick & Mike Sullivan – Welcome to SCCWSC!

Never Made Tournament

Great success! Everyone had a great time!

November Meeting

Pot luck? Want to organize? Talk to Denise Rodas. Annual banquet? Talk to Denise to organize.

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Dues November 3rd

It’s that time of year folks! Your club membership dues MUST be received NO LATER than November 3rd at the meeting. If you can’t make the meeting, we have this amazing service, it’s called First Class Mail… for under 50 cents you can enclose your:

  1.  Check
  2. Work Hours
  3. USA Waterski Membership Card

Three items in an envelope & mail them to the club PO Box (conveniently listed on the Work Hours Form . Don’t be late – it’ll cost you the $100 savings

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