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Art goes for the Record – Oldest Water Skier in Guinness Book of World Records

Art is ready to go
Jerry was the official Driver, behind a wonderful Mastercraft.


Notice the smooth water – NOT!

NEWS FLASH: Today, on July 25th, 2020 Art Rodriques skied at the pond and unofficially set the Guinness Book of World Record for the oldest Male water skier at 90 years, 298 days surpassing the old record of 90 years, 174 set in 1976. In addition to just skiing,  Art skied the SCCWSC Course at 30 MPH and got 1 Buoy 3 separate times. The conditions were anything but epic as the WIND was howling.    Great Work Art and Congratulations!

Pond Closure and Social Distancing Essential Work

The Pond continues to be closed due to County SIP through May 31st. In the mean time Valley Water has drained the Pond for some maintenance work (1-2 weeks)  and SCCWSC Members took the opportunity to take care of some essential maintenance. Check back here for any changes to our POND access

The following was accomplished:
#1) The course needs repair on South 55’s and 2 turn buoys. John Crivello surveyed the needs and will be back Monday with appropriate parts to repair. Please Contact him if you can help .
#2 The Docks and surrounding areas were cleared of all Garbage, The 4th boat slot for those DEEP hull Natiuques was dug out, A step was repaired, and the picnic Bench got a new coat of stain.
#3) The Weed Whacking Crew took care of all the tall grass in the parking lot and all the way down past the picnic bench,  rumor has it this started on Friday due to regulations with the CA Weed Wacker union and Double time required for Saturday effort.
#4) The largest job was clearing the Tullie’s growing up to and encroaching on the launch Ramp. This effort was to remove as many as possible and Haul them up the ramp for composting. Thanks to Dave’s Chevy this was made a lot easier.

Over all it was  a huge success but would not have been possible without the help of the following :
Jerry Heinrichs
Gordon Simmons
John Crivello
Gordon Jenson
Scott Shipley
Jay Verkler
Larry Connor
Mike Sullivan
Dave Olsen
Brad Conger
Steve Dachauer
Don Fournier
John Collins
Art and Angie (Who did more work that Jeff Bense who didn’t show up)

Of course we had some members who really wanted to be there but were otherwise detained:
– Remi Called at 8am and really wanted to attend the Work party event. When I told him it was NOT POSSIBLE to do it WORKING FROM HOME he said something in French and then said he had a WORK commitment that needed to get done for Monday
– Doug Fournier was at his local Fire House working
– Mike Rodas also had a work commitment and even had Denise send a Photo to prove it.

The Pond, Look closely near water for dug out piles from 4th slot
Dry Dock
After removal
After removal
Before/During removal
Before/During removal
Yes Mike was really working

Waterskiing with Social Distancing in place

Can Waterskiing be allowed under the current Social Distancing recommendations in Santa Clara County? Lets hope so.

In other parts of the state it seems to be possible!  The Skier below ran a PB of 1/2 @38 Off under these difficult conditions.

Stay tuned, for now the POND remains CLOSED to skiing until further notice.

The Porta Potty remains open as essential.

Just Saying!

Upcomming Events – August and September – Save the dates!

The last Fun Tournament #4 of the series will be Saturday,  August 17. The Big Dogs are behind the Squirrels by only 17 pts. That’s only 3 skiers! So it is important you come out to support your team. Jerry has trophies for Deagan, Vaughn, Casey and Conner so lets all root them on skiing in the tournament. The rest of the adult trophies, will be handed out at our September BBQ Meeting.
Thanks to John Crivello and Remi Thomas for offering their Wonderful Best of Class Mastercraft boats for the last Fun Tournament. Check the score sheet posted at the dock for your standings and new handicaps for all sandbaggers. No lunch at the pond this time as Mish is planning an informal lunch/pool party at her home after the tournament. Mish is planning a celebration a little early.
Our September BBQ Dinner Meeting will be Sept. 14 at Remi’s home. Yes, You get 2x meeting credit for showing up! Big night planned: Happy Hour 5:00, Dinner 6:00, Meeting 7:00-7:05, Fun Tournament Trophies 7:10 – ? Cost is $10 plus bring a salad, side dish or dessert. Remi is supplying the Meat and Wine. Reservations are a must and required. Plan on Paying that evening but let Jerry Heinrichs know how many people and what you are bringing. Did you see that Reservations are a must. Since this is the Finally of the “FUN” tournaments JHWSA has stated in the rules “Sensitive egos should be left at home”.  As you know Jerry probably has something special planned – Make your reservation TODAY!
The next day, Sept. 15, is our AWSA “C” Class,  2-Round,  Sanctioned County Open Tournament. NO MULLIGANS. Sign up NOW and send entries to Scott Anger per regional guide. A great opportunity to work on judges or scoring ratings. See John Collins (Chief Judge) to get signoff sheet to start your rating. No lunch, No t-shirts. Just another day of great skiing.

Make Reservations & Signup NOW!