Dec Minutes

Called to order at 7:55 by Gordon Simmons

Guests: Mark Victor and Russ Selsor

Presidents Report:

New Business: January meeting will be merged with February Meeting which will be the Annual Dinner on Feb 8th.

Need new area 2 representative to replace Greg Badal.

Public Relations: Nothing to report

Past President: No report

VP Tournaments: Nothing to report.  Expect the GA in July, waiting on Sacto.  County Open will be in Sept after Labor Day.  Will go to Hide-Away Lounge for post tournament awards.  Will be doing fun tournaments as well.
Facilities: Water is muddy, course is still in.  

Mussel Inspection Coordinator: No report

Sargent of Arms:  Looking good, Need Jay’s policy, Daren will send in.  Need Mark N’s

VP Membership: Need Troy Crivello dues and Linda VolosingUSA Water Ski .  Income fell short of budget by $1K.  

Treasurer: All current, $1K revenue shortfall from dues.  Expect to have positive in other expenditures that should help to balance,  Fiscal year should be fine.  Need to budget for Wally Bouy’s  

Corresponding/Recording Secretary: Nothing to report

Members at Large: No report

Web Page: All in order.  Roster needs an update.  Motion to change from Yahoo Group to Gmail looks feasible.  John C will work with Daren to filter the names.  Need community service pictures on the Web Page.

Course Caretaker: No Report

Entertainment: February 8th is Annual Dinner Party.  

Meeting Adjourned at 8.25