Updated Covid-19 protocol – Effective June 5th

With the Santa Clara County Public Health Orders updated effective today June 5th for outdoor activities The Board has approved and announced at the General meeting last night a change to our protocols on the dock and in the boat to be consistent with the County.

SCCWSC PROTOCOL to allow for Recreational Skiing.

In addition to the Social Distancing Requirement placed by the County Order, the following policies and expressed procedures must be adhered to at all times by everyone at the POND. This is subject to change, based on updated State or County Directives related to COVID-19.

Effective June 5, 2020 –

If you feel sick or ill don’t come to the POND!

Social distancing must be maintained throughout the Water Skiing experience by all persons who are not members of the same household. This includes but is not limited to:
*All Members/Guests on the Dock will be required to wear face Masks when NOT skiing. No exceptions and this is NOT Optional. If you don’t wear a mask you will be asked to leave.
*No more than two people in the Boat (driver/spotter) at one time and both shall have face masks if they are from a different household.
*organized events (Tournaments, Learn to ski Days, Fundraisers) and gatherings are not allowed until further direction is provided by the county.
*Members must exit the property immediately after completing activities, no gatherings allowed.

Sanitary practices should be maintained throughout the experience. This includes but is not limited to:
*All members will use their OWN ski equipment and will NOT touch other members gear.
*All Boat owners will add the necessary products to their boat to provide regular sanitized seating, Steering and other unavoidable touch points in order to ensure sanitized space for Boat Driver/Spotter. Cleaning Shall occur with each change of Crew.
Compliance, Enforcement and Consequences if Protocol is Not Observed
Members are responsible throughout the day to SELF enforce all required social distancing protocol. Those observed out of compliance will be reminded to adhere to all protocol, be asked to leave, and/or suspended from the club.

ALL Other SCCWSC Rules and guidelines remain in place.