The POND Is Closed


The Pond remains CLOSED through May 3rd based on the County/State “Shelter in Place” order updated 3/31/20. The SCCWSC Board will notify the club when the closure has been lifted.



March Minutes

welcome guest Russ Selsor!

Presidents Report: Considering replacing Yahoo groups with Google.

Pond Tournaments should not be impacted by Anderson. Fed decree may expedite fixing of the dam. Should be business as usual for this summer.

Dates set for Santa Clara Parks and Rec (6/24, 7/15, 8/12), B&G dates pending


Grand American Santa Clara @ Lakeside 7/18
Grand American Lakeside @ Lakeside 7/19
County Open @ Pond 9/26.
Fun tournaments will be August and September. One will be a fundraiser for Crones Foundation


Looking at different weights of buoys, have been tweaking buoy heights due to changing water level.
Need to replace one board on the steps. Tules on east side of launch ramp need thinning


Need picture of tag from Scott Graham. Rodas’ need updated inspection, Mark Normandin this month. Rest of club OK until June


2019 Budget closure pending banquet expenses. High expenditures were outhouse damage and 2X weekly service for three months. $235 over budget for 2019 to date.

2020 Budget, delaying some course improvements due to potential water issues. No $ for entertainment, charity, good of the club due to lower membership numbers/revenue to achieve balanced budget. Budget approved.


Need to update the roster – need the info from the board in order to update the roster pdf on the web server. Send to Daren 🙂

Feb Minutes

Pond is fully operational!!!!


Grand American July 18 & 19 . 18th is Lakeside’s and 19th is Santa Clara.

County Open – September TBD

CA Pro-Am – Weekend before Labor Day

Jerry is working on 2 FUN tournaments 8/22 & 9/12. 1 Round 8am, ski as you show up. Mini Course will be 4 passes, with flexibility for fun for the kids+ trophies. Motion carried.


will start to work on the weights, prepare to work on the course.

Mussel Inspection

All current, need picture of tag from Scot Graham


33 singles, 2 families, 9 slackers… I mean in-actives, and 2 lifetimes


Expenses are rising, mostly the toilet. Should break even this year. No extra funds for entertainment. Tournaments need to make money – and or we need some sponsors like to step up. Raising dues tabled for 2020.



Thank you MISH for hosting the meeting!


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