October Minutes

Grand American on Saturday made $705. The dates and format for Grand American will be presented after the Sacramento tournament meeting next month.

County Open made $290. Scott Anger donated the t-shirts thru his company Sanger Homes (if only SH had a website). Mish donated some of the lunch materials. Some members felt our Class C County open was a valid event so members could keep up their officials rating and a good opportunity to groom new officials.

There was some discussion on having four intraclub tournaments. Various formats and dates for each tournament would be determined by each intraclub tournament chairman.

Club Positions

We have elections at the November meeting. Steve Dachauer is stepping down as Public Relations and Learn To Ski Days. Larry Conner has stepped up to run for this position. Scott Graham is stepping down as Membership. This position has nobody running for this position so far. John Collins will run for Treasurer again. Scot Anger and Kevin Bishop will run for Tournaments. John Gambello will run for Facilities. All Board positions are open for new nominations to any member interested.


We have dues, work hours and copy of AWSA membership due at the November Meeting. If all three are not turned in to Scott Graham or John Collins by December 15  your membership is automatically terminated. To get the $100 discount you must have all of the above turned in as well as attending at least 3 Club Meetings.
Mish has volunteered her home for the November Meeting. It will be Sunday, November 4 at 4 p.m. We will have a BBQ with potluck side dishes and desserts. More details forth coming.

August Minutes

Small group of people doing the majority of the work required to keep the club & site going. Please remember to contribute to the club. Exciting touranments this month at Bell Aqua – check the Kevin Bishop email.

November elections are coming up.

New Business

Proposal for dinner meetings at various restaurants. Have club Okay. Need to coordinate with the President.

Proposal to add video to club meetings. Have club okay to check feasibility – it was suggested that this be for those that want to participate but physically can’t be there – no attendance credit given.

JC working to update the by-laws

Reminder that guests need to complete a waiver and host member responsible to providing to the webmaster (ideally in PDF format). If you need to, you can take a pic and the pic can be sent to the webmaster.

Suggestions for running intra-club tournaments to generate more interest in the club – need volunteers next year.

Olsen & Verkler – current policies are due this month


All members need to (at least) have a “supportive status” with the USA Water Ski Membership – ideally “Active”


BofA requires the non-profit docs and updated signature card, 6 names to be on the list (not mentioned here)

July Minutes

No guests.

Learn To Ski (LTS)

We still need volunteers and boats for July 18th & Aug 8th.


Running order for this Sat & Sun is available. John has judge & driver assignments. Jerry has food lined up. Jerry needs TWO people to help serve dinner once the food is delivered.

County Open Sat Aug 4th (right after next club meeting. Need to clean out judging areas on shore. Do we have a PA system, if so,  who has it? It’s not in the storage locker. IS lunch being provided?

Mussel Inspections:

Scot Graham coming up for inspection early August


May Minutes

Welcome returning guest Larry Connor, he’s received his membership packet & Mack Brown attending as well!

Swerving Weekend

What a great event! Greg Badal & Scott Ellis, great coaching and good times!


Jeff & Steve D cleaned out the locker. (thank you!)

The Club donated old bouys to the Berkeley Aquatic Park. There are spare course bouys – talk to John Collins.

Motion to donate $500 to Berkeley out of the good of the club fund, motion passed.

Mike Kuziak available on weekdays and weekends Late May, Early June, Contact Mish mishdesigns@mac.com or 408-458-6966. Tentative dates are June 8 & 9

Just a reminder that Dec meeting counts for the following calendar year.

Budget was approved.

New course looks awesome! Thank you to all that participated!

Learn To Ski for 6/20

boats are covered, we need volunteers. We still need boats & volunteers for all the other LTS events as well.


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