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SCCWSC 2019 Club Tournament #3

Thanks to great water, smooth boats, and steady drivers we had many high scores. Deagan Bishop was TOP DAWG with another personal best of 2 @ 25 mph. His brother Vaughn made 3 consecutive passes on the mini course for his first tournament ever. Congratulations to both of them.
Thanks to Gordon Jensen for bring his boat and driving. Thanks to Scott Graham for spending $1000 to update his Perfect Pass and put the “Flying Mario” boat on the pond for the tournament. Both boats skied great!
Denise Rodas and Doug Klang both came off injured reserve and skied very good for their first tournament back. Remi and Kevin skied the Big Dawg tournament in Brentwood. I gave them both credit for their best pass there towards team points. I feel that sanctioned tournament was tougher than ours…no mulligans there!
Lunch wasn’t up to the Donna and Denise benchmark but Costco did tide us over till our next good meal. Thanks Mike for making the salad for the Squirrel Team. The pizza and donuts were for the Big Dawgs…gotta keep them fat and lethargic.
The Big Dawgs had 11 skiers. The Squirrels had 9 skiers but stepped it up in performance and outscored the Big Dawgs.
As of yesterday SQUIRRELS 445.75 BIG DAWGS 410.5


July 11, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: __7/11/2019___________
Location: __Normal location – Bellarmine High
Next meeting: __ 8/1/19 same location

President (Mike Sullivan): Jerry Heinrichs acting
– 2019-2020 Permit application Approved
o Documents provided to SCC P&R:
 Payment For $160
 Application Signed Permit and Addendum
 Member List – Names only
 Proof of Insurance w/ County as additional insured
 SCCWSC Bylaws and rules
 SSCCWSC Mussel inspection process/Affidavit
– BOARD Discussion – John Gambello email.

Membership (Steve Dachauer):
– Nothing to report

Tournaments (Kevin Bishop/ Scott Anger):
– SCCWSC Grand AM #1 7/20/2019 (Lakeside GA#2 is Sunday 7/21/2019)
o Running order and ACJ list available for work signups
o H2H is not sanctioned
o There is No lunch planned/included you are on your own
o Sat Dinner is going to be Big Feast – Catered by Porkys (Pizza, Fried Chicken, pasta, etc. SCCWSC to provide desert! – Brownies it is…
– SCCWSC County Open, Sunday Sept 15, 2019
o No lunch planned; 1 Entry received to date
– Jerry Heinrich Update on 4 “FUN” non-sanctioned tournaments
o #1 May 18 – Fun #1 ski opener- Photos on website
o #2 June 15 – SCCWSC raised $3,000 during Buoys for Boobies Fundraiser for Breast Cancer, Photos on Website
o #3 July 13 – Fun #3 is Saturday – Show up and ski Gordon J/ Scot G bringing boats. No one signed up for Lunch – Jerry is Planning Costco Pizza.
o #4 August 17 – Fun #4

Public Relations (Larry Connor):
o Learn to ski days as follows. Talk to Larry to volunteer
o June 26 – SC: Great Day
o July 10 – B&G: 20 Kids, Steve D and Dave O brought the boats, fun time had by all. Thanks to the volunteers
o July 24 – B&G
o July 31 – SC
o Aug 7 – SC

Facilities (John Crivello):
– Fixed the NORTH 55 buoys alignment with Crivello creativity.
– Toilet was trashed July 6th/7th. Replaced July 10. $300 damage fee
– Jerry/Steve D/ Scott A looking for a spare 4x6x6’ and dowels to replace Ski holder on Dock near bench.

Sergeant at Arms (Mike Rodas):
– All insurance is up to date.
– Boat Inspections up to date.  If not you will here from Gordon Jensen

Treasurer (John Collins):
– Club Insurance renewed and up to date
– All Financials following approved budget

Recording & Corresponding Secretary (Chuck Hammond): Nothing to report

Member at Large (Jeff Bense & Mark Normandin): Nothing to report: Nothing to report

Entertainment (Mish Chadwick):
– Nothing to report

Website (Darren Barry): Noting to report

Action Items:
1. From the Board meeting ALL BOARD Members are to record basic data from events (ie Date / Event Name / Member and NON-Member participants). Data to be provided to Board No Later than Calendar year.
2. Porta Potty: John to Call United Site Services on 3 questions (Closed):
a. Damage Waiver Cost? $7.95 month. Covers Physical Damage, Weather Damage and Graffiti damage
b. Cost of 2/week cleaning? Additional $131.00 per month
c. Cost of 2 unit installed? Assume twice the cost. A true bid would require internal services to review and provide Bid (ie we may get a small discount). Would need to coordinate Lock (combo?) with United and ALL Members
3. Jerry gave ALL Members to start thinking about Running for President in the Fall.
4. Jerry gave all members action to identify Location for September Dinner/ Fun Ski Tourn awards meeting

June Minutes

Monthly Club Meetings will be at Bellarmine High School (see right side in RED for location).

Next Monthly Meeting will be on July 11th (rather than the 4th of July)

Learn to Ski

LTS (Learn to Ski) Dates are as follows:

6/26, 7/10, 7/24, 7/31 & 8/7 – We need volunteers, contact Larry Conner to schedule your work hours!

Still need additional boats for 7/10 and 8/7

Fun Tournaments at the Pond:  Thanks to club members for 5/18 tournament. Lots of volunteers, made it easier to run. Mish’s team was the winner. 20 skiers, finished before the rain. Seven skiers beat their handicap. If you beat your handicap twice, your handicap will be adjusted up. Cleared $190.  6/15 in support of Breast Cancer Research Foundation, all proceeds to be donated. Mike and Steve will be bringing their boats. Denise will be making lunch. All entry fee’s made out to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Have $545 so far.

Sanctioned Tournaments

If you are planning on skiing the Grand American, sign up now as it is filling up. Get your entries to Kevin Bishop. GA and other key tournaments:

7/13-14 Big Dawg Diablo Shores

7/20 Grand American Lake Side.  Will be catered. We need plates, knives, napkins, water provide by club.

9/6-8 Pro-Am Diablo Shores

9/15 County Open at the Pond


Need to clean out behind the dock. North end 55’s: Need a clean out for debris above the anchors. Needs to be moved toward Monterey
Road. East 55 on North End came off, it’s under the dock. Steve D made extra sub-float tops/weight set ups that are in the locker Mussel Inspection Coordinator: Gordon pinged everyone that needs an inspection in the next 30 days.