January Minutes

Happy New Year everyone!

Jerry – thanks for the hot tub at the doc – nicely done! BYH – that’s bring your own hose (and boat, ski, vest, gloves, handle and dry suit for those that need it).

Although the rest of the club meetings will be held at our Amazing Great Oaks Location,  The February meeting will be held at Mish’s house on SATURDAY 10th!!!

Misc Business

Porta Potty hasn’t been getting cleaned regularly, Parks & Rec permit should be coming soon – Mike S will follow up on both.


5 events: 1 in June, 2 in July & 1 in August. Call me nuts, but that’s only 4.

Clean up (work hours)

Planning a late May creek clean up to coincide with a pond clean up. Will be asking Cub Scouts to support as well.


Grand American July 14th & 15th

County Open August 4th at the Pond

Talk to Scot Anger, need help with food at GA


The North East side 55 ball is out. Having trouble installing due to depth. The ball and magnet are under the hot tub if you can help out.


Four new members! Mark Mitchell, Troy Crivello, Scott Normandin and Brad Conger. John Knickerbocker has not sent dues or contacted the club. Jim Scott is inactive and has not paid.  Chuck to send courtesy notice. Ryan Sawyer has gone inactive.


Currently running a $145 negative budget for this year, will be $1000 surplus for 2018. Budget approval will be during March meeting. Motion to allocate up to $1500 for Feb installation banquet was approved.

Club Merchandise

SCCWSC clothing is available, Mark will bring samples for March meeting.