March Minutes

Welcome guest Todd!


Remember Coast Guard Rules apply at all times

  1. Observer
  2. Life Vest
  3. Current Mussel Inspection Sticker on board

Next Meeting April 5th


Learn To Ski Dates are

6/26, 7/10, 7/24, 7/31 & 8/7


asking for $300 for new Masterline Ropes (that are used in all the other tournaments) – approved

SCCWSC Grand American 7/20 at Lakeside

  1. Head to Head is NOT sanctioned
  2. No lunch planned, or included (and nothing around the corner)
  3. Need someone to be in charge of BBQ Sat evening

Lakeside Grand American 7/21

9/15 SCCWSC County Open

SCCWSC Ski League (Jerry’s Project)

  1. May 18th
  2. June 15th
  3. July 13th – @ Diable – Delta Site
  4. Aug 17th


John Crivello will inspect pond on 3/8

New Bouy’s boat guides in hand (John Collins). Recommend to inflate and let them stretch a bit (per Dan G). Will install once the weather gets better

Mussel Inspections

2 are delinquent: Dan Griffith and Mark Normandin. Need to be in compliance or return key


2019 budget presented and approved.