Learn to Ski Day #4, July 31 wih SCC Park and Rec kids

Today was another great day with the kids learning to Ski, Kneeboard, and even a few wakeboarders got in the act. It was so exciting one of the parents signed a waiver to get onto the water and got up on 2 skis. Everyone had fun and the weather cooperated.
Thanks to Sully and Bucket Man Steve for bringing their boats. Thanks to Tommy, Jan, Doug F, Jerry, Scot G, and even Jeff Bense for his super leadership skills on the Dock.
Our last learn to ski da is next week with P&R on Aug 7th. WE are still looking for another Boat and Coaching volunteers – Contact Larry Conner or any board member to commit to helping out.

Ski Safe !

Aug 1st Meeting at Bellarmine Canceled

This months meeting has been canceled by the Board.  A makeup session will be planned at a future Date/Event.

Highlights this month:

Membership (Steve Dachauer):
– Ongoing waiver forms for Guests need to be signed and turned into Web master for posting

Tournaments (Kevin Bishop/ Scott Anger):
– SCCWSC Grand AM #1 7/20/2019
o Great tournament as always – Check the posting out on the Web site
o Next Tournament is Fun #4
 August 17 – Team Squirrels is in the lead for the championship but The Big Dogs are chasing them down
 Plan on being there for the Final event this year

Public Relations (Larry Connor):
o 2 more Learn to ski days this year as follows. Talk to Larry Conner to volunteer
o July 31 – SC Parks, Please let Larry know if you can volunteer. Boats are Steve D and Sully
o Aug 7 – SC Parks Need 1 more boat and volunteers, Sign up NOW with Larry

Facilities (John Crivello):
– Toilet now on Twice per week (Mon and Friday) service schedule

Sergeant at Arms (Mike Rodas):
– Boat Inspection up to date? If not you will hear from Gordon Jensen

Treasurer (John Collins):
– FY 2019 5 month update
– Negatives (-)
o Toilet 2/week not budgeted, SCC Parks Fee $160 not budgeted (waived in previous years), L2SD expenses higher (GAS, 1 extra day than budgeted)
– Positives (+)
o Fun Tournaments doing better than expected

Learn to Ski Day #3 July 24 with Boys and Girls club

Thanks to all the volunteers (Connor, Mannas, Fey, Klang, Graham, and Normandin/Sullivan for bring boats) it was another successful day with the kids.  The Boys and Girls club had a great day of skiing and our club member volunteers supported the future skiers to have a great time.

In 2019 the SCCWSC volunteers have taught and encouraged 60 kids to sport of Waterskiing, Wakeboarding and Boating in a safe and fun environment.

Next Learn to ski days are  Wednesday July 31 and August 7 with P&R kids.  Larry Conner is always looking for Volunteers so contact him to get your name on the signup list.

SCCWSC Grand American 1 – Saturday 7/20

It was a wonderful day In Patterson with some GREAT Skiing, a Fun Head to Head competition, Wonderful Dinner by Porky’s Pizza Palace and then Awesome Sky Diving exhibition to TOP it all off.

I won’t get into details here but lets just say there was some friendly competition among SCCWSC skiers who entered. For those that couldn’t make it plan better next year and for those that scratched at the last minute plan better next year. Its a great event and really good time on the Water.

If your interested in the Scores you can find the complete results at the following locations for SCCWSC GA1 (Sat) & Lakeside GA2 (Sun):


SCCWSC 2019 Club Tournament #3

Thanks to great water, smooth boats, and steady drivers we had many high scores. Deagan Bishop was TOP DAWG with another personal best of 2 @ 25 mph. His brother Vaughn made 3 consecutive passes on the mini course for his first tournament ever. Congratulations to both of them.
Thanks to Gordon Jensen for bring his boat and driving. Thanks to Scott Graham for spending $1000 to update his Perfect Pass and put the “Flying Mario” boat on the pond for the tournament. Both boats skied great!
Denise Rodas and Doug Klang both came off injured reserve and skied very good for their first tournament back. Remi and Kevin skied the Big Dawg tournament in Brentwood. I gave them both credit for their best pass there towards team points. I feel that sanctioned tournament was tougher than ours…no mulligans there!
Lunch wasn’t up to the Donna and Denise benchmark but Costco did tide us over till our next good meal. Thanks Mike for making the salad for the Squirrel Team. The pizza and donuts were for the Big Dawgs…gotta keep them fat and lethargic.
The Big Dawgs had 11 skiers. The Squirrels had 9 skiers but stepped it up in performance and outscored the Big Dawgs.
As of yesterday SQUIRRELS 445.75 BIG DAWGS 410.5