SCCWSC County OPEN is On for Sunday September 15th.

Thanks to all for making a commitment to make this happen once again at the POND.

SCCWSC County Open Skier List as of 8/31. If your NOT on it and you want to be contact Scott Anger or John Collins.

(NOTE: This is NOT the Official Running order as that needs to be determined by the Tournament committee. It will be posted here once finalized, but no later than Sept 12th.)

Renz Mason B2
Wheelus Thomas M2
Sullivan Mike M4
Fournier Doug M4
Renz Christopher M4
Anger Scott M4
Thomas Remi M4
Brandt Matt M4
Graham Scot M5
Klang Doug M5
Normandin Mark M5
Rodas Michael M5
Wheelus Timothy M5
Crivello John M5
Dachauer Steve M6
Collins John M6
Shipley Scott M6
Jensen Gordon M6
Bense Jeffrey M7
Heinrichs Jerry M9
Fournier Don MA
Bishop Kevin MM
Chadwick Mish W4
Rodas Denise W6

Fun Tournament #4 – The Weather cooperated and Fun was had by all

A one week delay turned out to be a great decision by the JHWSA commissioner – Jerry H himself. Mother nature gave us a wonderful day and some great skiing was had by SCCWSC Members and Non-members alike. A local group of photographers took over 3,000 photos of the skiers to work on their skills. The commissioner is still calculating the results of the winner in TEAM competition between the Squirrels and Big Dogs so that announcement (pending any protests for sandbaggers, whining, score adjustments, etc…) will need to wait. What can be said is our up and coming junior skiers did great and took Home some custom Trophies to prove it.

Thanks to all who supported and made this happen. See attached photos of action on the dock.

Next up is the County Open on Sept 15, Sign up NOW as lack of participation will cause it to be canceled.

Fun Tournament #4 – Delayed till Saturday Aug 24th!

Mother nature returns to normal with the heat wave passing and strong wins predicted for Saturday. Because of this and the safety of all our skiers the Tournament originally planed for the 17th is being moved to the 24th. Make a note on your calendar!

Rumor has it that all the HOT AIR this week was from BOTH Teams bragging on the Dock about how easy it was going to be to take down the other. Not sure about that,  but make good use of the extra week of Practice and get out and Ski!

The SCCWSC Fun Finals are here. Get out and Ski!

Saturday (8/17) will be our last Fun Tournament for 2019. Come out for a great ski ride while supporting your team. The Big Dogs are skiing better, but the Squirrels are showing up so points are very close. Big Dogs – 448.25, Squirrels – 465.75. We start at 8 and will not take entries after 11. $20 for 6 passes or 2 falls, whichever comes first. Jerry will hand out trophies to four amazing kids that skied in all conditions at our tournaments. News FLASH: We WILL have pizza, salad and water provided for lunch at 11:30. A local Photo Club asked if they could shoot some action photos at the tournament. We may have them in the boat or as close to the action as possible. Should be interesting to see what they come up with. Make sure you where your Sunday Best!
This will be Vintage Ski Memorabilia Day. Bring the ski you learned on, any old tournament ski t-shirts or ski bags. We will have a Head To Head slalom with Mish and Kevin, our team captains. They must pick any of the Vintage skis you bring . They can start at any speed or line length. I will give them 5 team points for every complete pass they make. Must increase speed or shorten line length after each complete pass. One mulligan.
I will send the score sheets to JHWSA to compile scores for each person and team score. Will present results and trophies at the Sept. 14 Club Dinner Meeting at Remi’s home. Bring $10 per person and a salad, side dish or dessert. Remi is providing the wine and meat. You must make reservations with Jerry to attend! Happy hour…5. Dinner…6. Club Meeting…7-7:10. Trophies till?
The Big SCCWSC County Open is Sept. 15. It takes at least 6 rated people counting judges, drivers, scoring, dock starters to run each division on at a USAWSA sanctioned tournament. There’s work needed to clean up judges towers, Look for email from SCCWSC Tournament Directors! So far Jerry is the only one signed up. The Colonel is suggesting we cancel this tournament (apparently he has a golf conflict) unless we get a boat load of skiers and workers sign up before the end of August. Let Scott A or Kevin B know you are in… $$/registration form show a great commitment.
Three practice days till Fun #4 showtime! Fun Time Full time at the Pond!

Upcomming Events – August and September – Save the dates!

The last Fun Tournament #4 of the series will be Saturday,  August 17. The Big Dogs are behind the Squirrels by only 17 pts. That’s only 3 skiers! So it is important you come out to support your team. Jerry has trophies for Deagan, Vaughn, Casey and Conner so lets all root them on skiing in the tournament. The rest of the adult trophies, will be handed out at our September BBQ Meeting.
Thanks to John Crivello and Remi Thomas for offering their Wonderful Best of Class Mastercraft boats for the last Fun Tournament. Check the score sheet posted at the dock for your standings and new handicaps for all sandbaggers. No lunch at the pond this time as Mish is planning an informal lunch/pool party at her home after the tournament. Mish is planning a celebration a little early.
Our September BBQ Dinner Meeting will be Sept. 14 at Remi’s home. Yes, You get 2x meeting credit for showing up! Big night planned: Happy Hour 5:00, Dinner 6:00, Meeting 7:00-7:05, Fun Tournament Trophies 7:10 – ? Cost is $10 plus bring a salad, side dish or dessert. Remi is supplying the Meat and Wine. Reservations are a must and required. Plan on Paying that evening but let Jerry Heinrichs know how many people and what you are bringing. Did you see that Reservations are a must. Since this is the Finally of the “FUN” tournaments JHWSA has stated in the rules “Sensitive egos should be left at home”.  As you know Jerry probably has something special planned – Make your reservation TODAY!
The next day, Sept. 15, is our AWSA “C” Class,  2-Round,  Sanctioned County Open Tournament. NO MULLIGANS. Sign up NOW and send entries to Scott Anger per regional guide. A great opportunity to work on judges or scoring ratings. See John Collins (Chief Judge) to get signoff sheet to start your rating. No lunch, No t-shirts. Just another day of great skiing.

Make Reservations & Signup NOW!