May Minutes

Welcome returning guest Larry Connor, he’s received his membership packet & Mack Brown attending as well!

Swerving Weekend

What a great event! Greg Badal & Scott Ellis, great coaching and good times!


Jeff & Steve D cleaned out the locker. (thank you!)

The Club donated old bouys to the Berkeley Aquatic Park. There are spare course bouys – talk to John Collins.

Motion to donate $500 to Berkeley out of the good of the club fund, motion passed.

Mike Kuziak available on weekdays and weekends Late May, Early June, Contact Mish or 408-458-6966. Tentative dates are June 8 & 9

Just a reminder that Dec meeting counts for the following calendar year.

Budget was approved.

New course looks awesome! Thank you to all that participated!

Learn To Ski for 6/20

boats are covered, we need volunteers. We still need boats & volunteers for all the other LTS events as well.