August Minutes

Small group of people doing the majority of the work required to keep the club & site going. Please remember to contribute to the club. Exciting touranments this month at Bell Aqua – check the Kevin Bishop email.

November elections are coming up.

New Business

Proposal for dinner meetings at various restaurants. Have club Okay. Need to coordinate with the President.

Proposal to add video to club meetings. Have club okay to check feasibility – it was suggested that this be for those that want to participate but physically can’t be there – no attendance credit given.

JC working to update the by-laws

Reminder that guests need to complete a waiver and host member responsible to providing to the webmaster (ideally in PDF format). If you need to, you can take a pic and the pic can be sent to the webmaster.

Suggestions for running intra-club tournaments to generate more interest in the club – need volunteers next year.

Olsen & Verkler – current policies are due this month


All members need to (at least) have a “supportive status” with the USA Water Ski Membership – ideally “Active”


BofA requires the non-profit docs and updated signature card, 6 names to be on the list (not mentioned here)