Pond Closed Starting Wed. May 14

I attended a Board Meeting of the Santa Clara County Water District today at 1000 hrs. The reason I attended was there was talk of a boating ban on all resouvoirs in Santa Clara County. The ban is because of the influx of the Zebra muscle to waterways. These organisms can play havoc to the environment if introduced plus cost the County millions to clean pipes etc etc. I attempted to present our side to the Board concerning our limited use of other waterways, limited number of boats (45), and the vast majority of us live in Santa Clara County. Due to the price of gas not a lot of us our towing our boats to other locations outside the County. Evidently this muscle has invaded a resoivoir in Southern CA. and has not been detected in Northern CA. The County sent divers to Calero a number of weeks ago and they reported none of these muscles were located.  The Board listened to two other representive from the boating industry who hit on the same points. One of the main points being that Calero and Anderson are not big draws whereby you have people from all over the state bringing their boats in. The board voted 4 to 3 to ban all boating in Santa Clara County for at least 2 weeks. The 2 weeks are to allow the County to set up inspection procedures for Calero, Anderson, and Coyote. There will also be a fee involved, but that hasn’t been determined as of yet. There will be an article about the ban in the Mercury on Wednesday, and there should be talk about it on tonights news. 
The ban starts tomorrow, Wednesday May 14. Unfortunately that ban includes our perculation pond. I remind everyone that we have a use permit that is for the whole club and hopefully that won’t
 be jepordized by individuals acting on their own. I will keep you updated and we will discuss this issue at our Thursday Board Meeting. I am sorry to tell you this but the pond is closed starting May 14 until further notice.
Jeff Bense, President

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