Up And Running Again Rule Read

General Rules

  1. Federal, State, County, Coast Guard, laws and Club rules will apply at all times.
  2. Courtesy and common sense apply at all times.
  3. Only member insured boats are allowed in the pond. You will not be permitted to use a boat in the pond unless a current/valid insurance policy with $500k minimum liability; is on file with the Sergeant at Arms. Your certification terminates on the expiration date of your policy.
  4. Only AWSA approved tournament towboats per AWSA rule 8.02 are allowed. Complete list on USA Water Ski Web site.
  5. Exception to Rule #3. Promo or Event boat usage – The event chairperson is responsible for making sure any promo or special event boat have current/valid insurance policy, $500k minimum liability and that the SCCWSC or member clubs of USA Water ski are protected.
  6. Lock the gate at all times.
  7. Boat and skier have the right of way.
  8. No wake speed for all boats except boat using course.
  9. A life saving device must be on all children unable to swim.
  10. Each skier is responsible for the replacement of buoys immediately.
  11. Members are responsible for children, guests, pets and garbage.
  12. The launch ramp is not to be blocked at any time.
  13. Guests must be accompanied by a club member at all times and sign a Waiver form, Waivers only need be signed once and be put on file with SCCWSC Secretary.
  14. Only equipment intended for slalom and trick skiing per AWSA rule 8.03 are allowed at the pond, with the exception of other training aids while attempting to barefoot. No wake enlarging devices are allowed.
  15. It is the member’s responsibility to assure that his/her guests are properly instructed in driving the boat at the pond. It will be the member’s responsibility as if he/she were driving the boat.
  16. The pond will be closed on day of a tournament except for intraclubs and events in which case it will be closed 1 hour prior to the beginning of interclub or event.
  17. If a boat needs fuel, it must be pulled from the water to the parking lot. If there is a line to launch they must move to the end of the line.

USA Water SKI Requirements

  1.  Each membership must maintain at least one (1) active or supporting membership in USA Water Ski.


  1. Maximum of three (3) boats in the pond at one time, except during a ski tournament at which time up to five (5) boats are allowed.
  2. Alternating Boats.
  3. If you pick up extra skiers it must be before any skier in your boat starts their second turn.
  4. Two (2) guest sets per boat.
  5. When there is a 4th boat waiting to launch;

a)      A minimum crew of 2 is required before a boat is launched.

b)     There will be a maximum of 4 skiers per boat.

c)      If a skier passes his/her set it is considered 1 turn.

d)     Each boat crew in the water shall be frozen. No additions (member or guest) regardless of crew size until there is no longer a 4th boat waiting and each member of the 4th boat just launched has at least one ski set or as agreed to by those on the dock. All boats in the water must declare their crew to the 4th boat waiting. Any declared crewmember not on the dock by the time any skier in your boat starts there second turn is no longer part of the declared crew.

e)      The first boat to complete their turn of a maximum of 2 sets per skier of the original crew is the first boat to leave the pond.

 Skiing  – In all cases when others are waiting:

– Slalom (one set) = 6 passes or 6 falls, boat to maintain same direction of travel when picking up skiers.
– Trick, barefooting (one set) equals 11 minute run, to be timed by the boat and dock.

Any person violating these rules will be subject to disciplinary action which may include loss of membership. 

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