Course Survey Update, Remaining Work Hours, Dues, Annual Vote

A big thank you to Owen for confirming our course accuracy today. Our course survey is now complete and confirmed to be within a half centimeter average width. Well within the required specifications and near perfect. Congratulations and thank you to all who put their time and effort into this project:
  • Jerry
  • John & Donna
  • Don & Doug
  • J Gambello
  • Andrew
  • Art and Angie
  • and any others I have forgotten to list here.
  • Great job by all!
As John G relayed, there is still a small amount of work yet to be completed. We do not need an organized work party to complete these last few tasks:
  • Re-install railings
  • Dig out the north end of the north dock.
  • Fresh staining
Get down to the pond and earn some easy work hours!
Work hours, membership dues, and proof of USAWaterski membership should be turned at the Thursday, Nov 6th membership meeting and are PAST DUE after December 15th.
November Meeting will also include the annual vote for 2015 E Board and Chair Persons positions.
November Membership meeting will be a Pot Luck culinary experience..
2 SUPPLEMENT HOURS of work hours for every pot luck dish brought to November’s meeting!
Bring 2 dishes = 4 work hours.
Except of course Andrew R, who will be continuing his Outback EMT Ski Patrol training!  

Webmaster Daren Barry4u375