April ’17 Meeting

Welcome Owen Lechter (EVP of Western Region)

President’s Report

Pond dam need repair, gates need to be reinstalled – dpendent on water level / flow from Anderson. No committed date from water district. Pond has new dirt build-ups / berms pushing out to South 55’s. East side of South 55’s NOT-BOATABLE (is that a word? LOL) Large amounts of big debris in the pond.

Boat ramp is clear, part of parking lot is washed out. Course anchors in place at least through 5 ball. April Pond use is not likely


First LTS is 6/21, 2nd 6/28 – some risk considering pond conditions


Grand American July 8th & 9th

County Open Sept 9th


Scott will look into removing the outhouse. May be a permit issue (required from Parks & Rec)

Mussel Inspection Expirations

April: Heinrichs, Crivello, Bense, Rodas, Dachauer, Normandin, Olsen. May: Verkler & Griffith


Approval of FY17 budget Plan, all in favor – Yes, approved!

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