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General Information

May Minutes

Welcome returning guest Larry Connor, he’s received his membership packet & Mack Brown attending as well!

Swerving Weekend

What a great event! Greg Badal & Scott Ellis, great coaching and good times!


Jeff & Steve D cleaned out the locker. (thank you!)

The Club donated old bouys to the Berkeley Aquatic Park. There are spare course bouys – talk to John Collins.

Motion to donate $500 to Berkeley out of the good of the club fund, motion passed.

Mike Kuziak available on weekdays and weekends Late May, Early June, Contact Mish or 408-458-6966. Tentative dates are June 8 & 9

Just a reminder that Dec meeting counts for the following calendar year.

Budget was approved.

New course looks awesome! Thank you to all that participated!

Learn To Ski for 6/20

boats are covered, we need volunteers. We still need boats & volunteers for all the other LTS events as well.


April 2018 Minutes

We’d like to welcome our guests Larry Connor & David Walker! We hope to see you at the pond and at more meetings!

The pond has been pumping w/ boats lately! We even had 3 on the water and one waiting to launch (that hasn’t happened in a while). Great to see all the action on the dock and on the course!



Nautique is hosting a Swerving event at the pond Saturday 4/28.  Boats, People, Equipment, and Pros.  Dawn to 8:30 am members have access to ski.  From 8:30 to end of day, will pull swerving skiers.  Club members can also register for swerving.  Click Here To Sign Up for Nautique Swerving.  Great for Kids.


Mike will set up a similar event with Nor-Cal Mastercraft.

Never Made 2018

Scot G to host a Never Made tournament, Jan Fey will score.

Need to talk with Dan about new boat guides and bouys.  West side 55’s are slightly off north and south, not a measurable tournament item.  Will fix when the pond goes dry.  Be nice to have them installed before Swerving.  Agreed not to touch the position of the 55’s until the pond goes dry and to replace the balls and boat guides before Swerving Event


June 20, June 27, July 11, July 18, August 8.

Agree to use the pond, work hours waived for those that bring boats, work hours are one to one

VP Tournaments:

Grand American and County Open in the Guide.  GA will fill up fast, get your entries.  Jerry will be organizing the dinner with Apricot Wood (BBQ Joint).  Sunday will be Togo’s, need a lunch host for Saturday.  Remember H to H on Saturday night


Dock looking good, no known maintenance besides yard work.  Art oiled the gate hinges.  Remember to place the lock back in the daisy chain.  Only thing that is known is weed whacking.  John will get a work party together.

Mussel Inspection Coordinator:

Need inspection materials from the Rodas’

Sargent of Arms:

All policies current

VP Membership

Agree, that December meeting counts for the following year.   Jim Scott and John Knickerbocker have left the club.  John Collins will follow up with Erin Mannas

Inactive Members: Ryan, Dora, Paul M and Phil G


Have money, have a balanced budget for FY18.  No need to raise dues.  Banquet covered its expenses, have a minor surplus from FY17.  Will vote next month.  John forgot the print-outs

Web Site:

Technically there were 3 viruses found on the website over the month of February. Daren removed them all. If they comeback, other actions will be taken.


Thanks to all from Denise for those that helped.  Daren will post on the website.

March Meeting

Our March Meeting was cancelled due to Weather Conditions. We’d like to thank Larry Connor for ATTEMPTING to make the meeting and reaching out to Daren Barry to verify he was in the correct location. Larry we hope to see you at the next club meeting on Thursday April 5th at 7:30pm. Same location