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Feb. Meeting Minutes

February Membership Meeting Minutes

A new club roster is due out momentarily and will be posted in the “members only” section of our website. A new work hours form is in the works. Future club meeting minutes will be posted on our website. Helen Frazini of BWSC passed away this week, wife of Al.

Norma proposed “A Good of the Club Award” in honor of Larry’s many contributions to the club over the years.

Members past due of Insurance updates are not allowed to launch their boat until current insurance is submitted to Sergeant at Arms. Currently expired members;

Rick Davis exp. 4/30/11

Jeff Blevins exp. 7/28/11

Marco Renella & Ryan Gallagher 3xp. 9/19/11

Diane Walker & Hank exp. 12/10/11

Jason Miller exp. 1/16/12

Due to expire;

John Crivello March 2012-02-05

May 19 is National River Clean Up Day and Micah will be scheduling a creek clean up work party good for club work hours. Brad has got our website active and updated, contact him for any items you wish to be published. The club made $90 from the sale of County Open ballcaps. A nice bottle of Chateau Harrel Wine (Micah) was won by Lynda for correctly identifying “The Weasel” in our website photo.

The next Membership meeting is scheduled for March 1, 7pm at The Almaden Community Center.

Read ALL the news then Answer

The Pond is very busy for this time of the year, but look at the weather we have been having, ski weather.

This message is going to all Western Region Council, 2011 and 2012 registrars, tournament directors and sanction applicants.

The next version of the 2012 Western Region draft tournament guide is ready.  Please review and it will go to print by the end of January.  There are three ways to look at the data.  The current file is attached and at the following link that will be updated from time to time with recent changes..

You can also see the most current data at  This will be updated throughout the year after the printed guide is finished.
Also not the first photo:

IT’s THAT Time

Hot new off the press from our leader

The next ski club meeting with be Thursday, Feb. 2 at 7:00 p.m. in the Almaden Community Center. A board meeting will precede the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Brad Conger has been diligently working on the Club Website. Check it out. Email me the name of the first skier in the hot tub on our Website. Your name will be put in a drawing for a FREE ENTRY to John Crivello’s Wild Card Tournament. Emails must be received by Wed., Feb. 1. Ski Ya, Jerry”

Be careful, photos are coming in and who knows who is up next.

Sad Water Ski Family News

I’m sorry to share the new that our water ski family’s Bob Hardeman’ daughter Lynda Tucker passed away yesterday. Lynda was involved with BWSC for many years with her father and mother Jenny. Lynda had been ill for the past 2 1/2 weeks of which her family has been by her side daily.  She was 43 years old and is survived by 4 children in Brentwood, the family will be holding a Private Memorial in the next few weeks for Lynda. Please send your prayers and thoughs to her family at this difficult time.

Sincerely Brad