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AWSA National Senior Judges and Scorers Clinic

The American Water Ski Association will host its 2012 National Senior Judges and Scorers Clinic, Feb. 10-12, at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Registration is open to both regular and senior rated judges and scorers with senior rated officials having first preference. Regular judges and scorers may also attend if space is available. Details

Meeting UpDate!!!!!

Just in, in case you didn’t get the email from the President,

Thursday, Jan. 5, 7:00 p.m. at Almaden Community Center will be the first Club meeting of 2012. Don’t be late…it will be short and sweet. We’ll take care of business quickly, then raffle off a ski rope and three bottles of wine. Get those cookies, candy, and nut bread out of the house by bringing them to the meeting. Jan. 6 starts training for 2012. Ski Ya, Jerry

Next Years Meeting 2012

Jan 5 Club Meeting.

Watch out Jerry talked John into signing a few checks and is spending big money on this up coming club meeting at the Almaden Community Center Thursday Jan 5th at 7pm.

Bring any Christmas treats you would like to share for the meeting and Jerry will lead us in exercise to start our new year ski training to run more buoys!

Wow November Meeting

Boy if you didn’t come to the November Election meeting you missed a great time and battle. The potluck put on by Norma was the best ever. Then the election battle began and everyone wanted in but in the end your newly elected board for 2012 is as follows: Members at Large Brad Conger, Steve Dachauer, Treasurer (who knew) John Collins, Recording Secretary Scot Graham, Sergeant at Arms Mike and Denise Rodas (Mike needed Help keeping order), Corresponding Secretary Gorden Jensen, VP Facilities John Gambello, VP Membership Brad Kiggins, VP Tournaments Paul Matthews and Lynda Holland, VP Public Relations Micah Harrel and after the dust settled and the winner arose President Jerry Heinrichs!!!!!! Then the suprise started, a test by our President Teacher still I guess, if you were not there your in trouble with the teacher and hope you payed your dues or it is double. See you at the next meeting.

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