Slalom Course is in!

THE SLALOM COURSE IS IN!! Thank you to John Crivello for swimming for two hours tying up slalom balls and boat guides. Thanks to Kevin Bishop for bringing his boat and assisting with tying up hooks and bungee cord while driving the boat to the next sub-float. The course is as straight as it ever was and drives the same as always. Kevin ran right up through 38 off and got 3 @ 39 in a stiff tail wind. Water depth is perfect and still not horribly cold. A reminder that there will be some floating debris for awhile. The good news is we cut a lot of weeds. The bad news is with a north wind those weeds wind up at the launch ramp. Bring a rake. Get your boats inspected and let’s get some water skiing in before snow skiing takes over.

October Minutes

Seems like a record turn out at the October Meeting! Welcome our guest Joan Alpen!

Work Hours & Club Membership Dues Due at November Meeting

Click Here for work hours form. Form & dues are due (Nov 1st) or you can bring them to the November Club meeting (11/02/17) at 7:30pm. The requirements and available participation discounts are per the by-laws with the following exceptions (Per the June 2017 General Meeting Minutes).  If you brought your boat to LTS, your work hours are covered.  If you worked a LTS, those work hours may be counted as double. No Grace Period on dues or form. If you’re not sure you can attend, then MAIL IN YOUR FORM AND CHECK!

Clean Up

Had over 60 people for the clean-up, more than ever! Thanks to the Cub Scouts & Police Recruits. 8 tires, 16 bags of trash! Thank you to everyone who helped!

Got Water?

Out house has been delivered, docks & benches have been sealed! Pond will start filling 10/11 and SHOULD be completed by 10/15. Many people have helped get things in order, but special thanks goes to Jerry Heinrich! Jerry has worked non stop with the water district and WE ALL APPRECIATE IT!!! THANK YOU JERRY! Free rides for Jerry – for life! Please use common sense when you launch. Check the area for debris before you ski!


If you’re not currently inspected (Gordon need a picture of your green band) you are REQUIRED to turn in your key until you are inspected and Gordon Jensen has a pic of your green band. This is not optional. To lead by example, Daren Barry got his boat inspected Friday at Lexington. Speaking of Gordon… he has magic dock carpet for a limited time only!


We need a president. All positions are open to contest, please contact Jerry if you’d like to help the club!


Fun & yummy meetings are in the works. Nov meeting will be a club potluck, Dec = cookie exchange, Installation banquet Jan or Feb ’18 tbd.


Grand American needs to be scheduled for guide by 12/15. County Open will be a fun tournament.


Cleaned out dirt behind top deck, needs a little more digging.


New sub-floats are all in. Berm marking balls have been installled. Thank you Steve D & Scott S.


Need insurance from Dan Griffith, Scott S, John Crivello, Gordon Jensen, Dave Olsen, John Gambello


Up & Running – Thank you Daren Barry!


Sept ’17 Minutes

Coyote Lake: Sunday is short (10) Saturday is 9 members + 5 family guests= 14 total skiers. Discussed the low turnout + money spent may not be the best of club funds. Other view points were that this was still for the good of the club and is being offered to everyone, it’s not exclusive. Club voted OKAY for Saturday Only.

Work Hours Due Nov Meeting

Work hours are due in November at the meeting. Chuck to look for work hour specials, John to review budget for possible non-water discount.

Need Board Nominations

pretty self explanatory


John G is expired (aren’t we all LOL)


Finances are good – Get outstanding LTS bills in.

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