June ’17 Minutes

July Meeting – New Location

July meeting will be at San Jose Police Training Substation – 6087 Great Oaks Park Way

Water at Pond

No Water – Dam repair not expected to complete until August time frame . Pond condition will be shown to Parks & Rec – via Steve D. Working to muster support for creek flooding clean up.

Motions / Hours

Motions were made and approved by the club for the following:

  • If a club member brings his boat to LTS, the participation discount for 2017 is fulfilled.
  • Also participation in LTs is credited as double work hours toward 2017 participation discount.

LTS – at Calero June 21st

Steve D & Jerry H will bring their boats, workers needed – double work hours!!!

Grand American 7/8 – 7/9

Saturday is on a waiting list status, contact Diane Walker. As of this posting, Sunday is nearly full (5 spots open).

We need a volunteer for Sunday 7/9 lunch – contact Scott Anger

May Minutes

Budget was approved at April Meeting, Parks & Rec use permit renewed.

Summer Meetings June – Aug

Will be held at Parma Park unless otherwise stated!

Gates back in Pond Next week

Jerry working with Parks & Rec to set up meeting to demonstrate community involvement and to lobby support for pond debris removal

Work Party 5/6 8am – Noon

Debris Removal, course installation (North end) Bring gloves, water shoes, pruning saws and dry suits


Matt Brandt hosting “Master of All Conditions” tournament series details to follow


TBD based on water conditions


Grand American July 8th & 9th

Mussel Inspection

April Expirations: Heinrichs, Crivello, Bense, Rodas, Dachauer, Normandin, Olsen.

May – Griffith

Webmaster Daren Barry4u375

April ’17 Meeting

Welcome Owen Lechter (EVP of Western Region)

President’s Report

Pond dam need repair, gates need to be reinstalled – dpendent on water level / flow from Anderson. No committed date from water district. Pond has new dirt build-ups / berms pushing out to South 55’s. East side of South 55’s NOT-BOATABLE (is that a word? LOL) Large amounts of big debris in the pond.

Boat ramp is clear, part of parking lot is washed out. Course anchors in place at least through 5 ball. April Pond use is not likely


First LTS is 6/21, 2nd 6/28 – some risk considering pond conditions


Grand American July 8th & 9th

County Open Sept 9th


Scott will look into removing the outhouse. May be a permit issue (required from Parks & Rec)

Mussel Inspection Expirations

April: Heinrichs, Crivello, Bense, Rodas, Dachauer, Normandin, Olsen. May: Verkler & Griffith


Approval of FY17 budget Plan, all in favor – Yes, approved!

Webmaster Daren Barry4u375

February Meeting Minutes

Welcome guest Sean Crossoang

It’s recommended that all boats keep a course repair kit on board: Bungee, clips, zip ties etc…

Jerry will take the Weber out of the locker. Scott will take care of the permit application for Parks & Rec

Board discussed pros & cons of hardship applications for meeting attendance and decided to stick with existing policy of meeting and work hour requirements needed for the participation discount. This eliminates the possibility of subjectivity concerns in the board’s judgement.

Gordon Jensen presented the “For the Good of the Club” award for outstanding service to club on the Mussel Inspection Coordination – Thank you Gordon for your service!

LTS 5 days:

June 21 & 28th, July 12 & 19, and August 9th. Double work hours in place for boats. Steve D will follow up on creek cleanup.


Grand American July 8th & 9th. County Open September 9th

Water Level

Water is fluctuating from low to exceptionally high. Be careful!

Mussel Inspection

Starting in April there are annual inspection expiration. Send picture of new tag to Gordon



Need policies from Jay V. John Collins needs to add additional insured. Gordon will send Mussel list to Mike.


We lost 3 members from 2016. Currently have 37 members


Denise will sent email to the club regarding Bocce Ball. Need a minimum of 12 people. This can range from 35-45 per person depending on the head count having the sit down dinner + 2 hours of Bocce ball

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