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General Information

July 10th Meeting at the Heinrichs’ Home

The July meeting will be one week later on JULY 10 at Jerry & Sandy Heinrichs’ house, 3434 Suncrest Ave., 95132. We will have a BBQ. Denise Rodas is bringing a Caesar Salad. Angie is bringing a potato salad. If you have a favorite appetizer, bring it. Drinks will be provided. Bring a chair. Erin, your chair is still
here from last year. This an important meeting as our Grand American starts two days later at Lakeside Ranch.There ia a nice lawn area at the lake for tent campers. If you want to step it up for the tournament, Hank and Diane have a new coach that we could all stay in. Or, the Del Lago Best Western in Patterson is also nice. It’s about 4 or 5 miles from the lake. 
Please, RSVP by July 7 for the BBQ so I can plan the food. Jerry

2008 Regionals Online Registration

Online registration for the 2008 Regionals is available on line right now.

Registration is immediate, you can pull up info and see who’s entered and if
your registration went through (without a phone call or registered letter), and
you fill out only one BIO you can use the same Bio for the Nationals and other

We don’t have that information in the regional guide, but there is a link on
the Western Region website. Or you can go directly from HERE

Friday Night Meeting @ Pond

We will have a club meeting Friday, 6-13-08 at 1800 hrs and I will have the keys and affidavits. Also this meeting will serve to answer any questions that you might have. The meeting will be at the pond on the docks. If you can’t make the meeting and you want a key contact Mark Normandin , myself or Big Dave Sproat at their convenience and we will attempt to accommodate you.

Be sure to bring your CF number. You will need them to fill out the affidavit.


D & D tournament

Thanks to Mark, Gordon and Dave Garcia for taking the extra time to get their boats inspected so we could have a the D & D tournament. Thanks to Rhonda and Chuck for a tasty lunch. Thanks to Art, the Weasel, and Micah for helping clean up our site by mowing the
weeds. It looked abandoned with tall weeds when we arrived Sat. morning.
It wasn’t the best of conditions but everyone seemed happy to just take a ski ride on our pond. How many had sore muscles (not zebra mussels) in the morning? Thanks to Mark, Dave and Dave for organizing a good tournament. Hopefully this was a step in the right direction.