StarGazer N/L parameter change

The StarGazer N/L parameter is now selectable by the Boat Driver and not the skier.
This parameter is set by the driver before each skier. The N/L is for use by the driver as necessary to produce times as close to actual as possible.
Select L for lighter skiers
36MPH – For skiers 165lbs and below
34MPH and below – For skiers 125lbs and below
Select N (NORMAL) all other skiers

National Ranking List – Regional Cutoff Date Today

You are encouraged to look at the National Rankings list, some new functions have been added to the list to make it easier to determine if you are qualified for the Nationals and Regional Tournaments. Please look to the last column on the right and you will be taken to another screen where you can then select the tournament you would like to verify qualification for and view the results on the screen. This is a great tool to confirm qualifications as the “cut off date” for the Western Regional’s is today (Wednesday June 25, 2008). All the tournaments have been submitted and the ranking list is current as of all tournaments completed thru last Sunday.
National Ranking Website

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