2008 Regionals Online Registration

Online registration for the 2008 Regionals is available on line right now.

Registration is immediate, you can pull up info and see who’s entered and if
your registration went through (without a phone call or registered letter), and
you fill out only one BIO you can use the same Bio for the Nationals and other

We don’t have that information in the regional guide, but there is a link on
the Western Region website. Or you can go directly from HERE

Friday Night Meeting @ Pond

We will have a club meeting Friday, 6-13-08 at 1800 hrs and I will have the keys and affidavits. Also this meeting will serve to answer any questions that you might have. The meeting will be at the pond on the docks. If you can’t make the meeting and you want a key contact Mark Normandin , myself or Big Dave Sproat at their convenience and we will attempt to accommodate you.

Be sure to bring your CF number. You will need them to fill out the affidavit.


D & D tournament

Thanks to Mark, Gordon and Dave Garcia for taking the extra time to get their boats inspected so we could have a the D & D tournament. Thanks to Rhonda and Chuck for a tasty lunch. Thanks to Art, the Weasel, and Micah for helping clean up our site by mowing the
weeds. It looked abandoned with tall weeds when we arrived Sat. morning.
It wasn’t the best of conditions but everyone seemed happy to just take a ski ride on our pond. How many had sore muscles (not zebra mussels) in the morning? Thanks to Mark, Dave and Dave for organizing a good tournament. Hopefully this was a step in the right direction.

Pond Update

SCCWSC Members,
I just spoke with Bruce at the water district and they seem very positive about working out a solution to allow us to continue boating at the Pond. Bruce will be meeting with his superiors later today to discuss our proposals and hopefully come up with a plan to allow our boats back into the Pond on a regular basis. Keep those fingers crossed and prayers coming!

For now the Pond is still closed, BUT, they were understanding enough to allow us to hold our D&D tournament this Saturday! Yeah!!!! I am still working out the details with Parks & Rec. for the boat inspections and number of boats etc. but we are on for Saturday! We will discuss format and all these details at tonight’s meeting. Thanks for your continued patience; we hope to have a final resolution soon.
Mark & the Mussel Team

Pond Closure Update

Chuck and I just finished our meeting with SCV Water District and SC Parks & Rec. I believe the meeting went well and they were very receptive to our ideas however the Pond is still closed to all boating. This is a good time for everyone to understand how lucky we are to have use of this facility. We are very well respected and liked by both of these agencies and that has been the main reason we still operate at this prime spot. I cannot begin to express how fragile our lease agreement is with the County, and how important it is to stay squeaky clean and continue to give back to the community like we have for so many years. Thank you to all the long time club members and previous club members who have laid the ground work for this club to still be using the Pond today. Great work!!

The water district is in a tough spot trying to lay out a program that is consistent across the board for everyone. Bruce from the district is going to take our proposals and “mull” them over with his staff to see if they can make them work. Hopefully he will have some answers for us the early part of next week. We need to stay patient here, because if we push the situation we could be out for good! They sounded very receptive to our specific needs to open the Pond for special events like our tournaments and Learn to Ski Days, but as we know that would be a small fix for this very big problem.

We are working on this and hope to have a resolution soon, so please be patient, say a few prayers, keep your fingers crossed, and above all – STAY OUT OF THE POND- for now.

Mark Normandin

Dedicated to the sport of water skiing