The Course is back in!

We’ve had five days of work parties, with people like John Crivello Jerry H, Gordon Simons, John Collins, and Steve D at the pond all five days.

Get your boat inspected!

A ton of work was done around the pond and ramp, parking areas, etc. Weeds were whacked, reeds by the ramp were completely cleaned out. Dead weeds growing out of the water around the docks, ramp, and near the gates were pulled.

On to the course: John Crivello was an underwater fish, he takes first place for getting the most number of subplots in. Gordon Simons and Dave Olson both spent a lot of time in the water with John as well.

Derick B volunteered to scuba dive the deeper anchors and those where the skin divers could not find the anchors or cables. Fortunately for us he volunteered not realizing just how sucky diving in zero visibility and cold pitch blackness, and doing everything by feel is. He dove for two days and got a lot of subfloats in.

Today (day 5) we were able to get the last four subfloats in (three anchors were buried). Great job by all.

Our illustrious president took the first set today in mirror conditions. During a subsequent set, 3 ball was hit by the boat and because the scuba gear was already returned, we were not able to replace it. We will attempt to replace it in the next day or two and we’re good to go!!!

I know I’m going to forget someone so folks please chime in on anyone I missed. But a big thanks to:

John Crivello
Jerry H
Gordon S
Steve D
Derik B
John Collins
Dave O
Larry C
Remi T
Mark N
Brad C
Bill B

On Saturday, I saw Klang briefly, and I believe there was a Jeff Bense sighting.

And Chris V stopped by; great to see him.

We should have skiable water from now until mid-June, and possibly later during the bladder dam project (TBD).

Feb 2023 General Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 7:00 PM

General Session Call to Order 7:00 PM

Guest welcome: no new guests

Valley Water Update / Pond Status
• Water levels- Anderson was up to 49% and Coyote spilled into Anderson. Anderson
outlet pipe is fully open.
• To mitigate Anderson rising further/possibly going over spillway if there is another atmospheric river weather event, they plan to pull pond panels soon. If so, they would put the panels back in early April when risk is low.
• State water allocation decision April 1. Team that manages all the perc ponds believes
perc pond water allocation is likely this year.
o If state allocation is granted, pond could be skiable from mid-April until mid June at normal levels.
• Panels are expected to be removed around mid-June for the bladder dam project
(May ’23-May’24).
• Coffer dam will be installed, and pond could raise for percolation (contractor determines
max level). TBD whether their max level will reach our minimum operational level. If they can hit our minimum level, it is possible for limited (shallow water) skiing during
the bladder dam project. All TBD.

Treasurer – _ John Collins
• Insurance renews June 20.
• Permit submission no later than March 1 since P&R internal process is lengthy

VP Facilities – John Crivello
• Need to plan work part in March to install course and clear course
o Gordon will coordinate with Valley Water to possibly get water level temporarily lowered for work party.
• Steve confirmed that all sub-floats have been repaired and are ready to be installed
• Will need to knock down prop-wash berm at launch ramp is case there is possible low
water level skiing once coffer dam is installed.

VP Tournaments – Kevin Bishop/ Scott Anger
• SCCWSC is co-hosting the Grand American tournament at Lakeside.
o Grand American is July 15/16 at Lakeside. 2C Sat, 2C Sun
o SCCWSC is welcome to support with manpower and officials in exchange for a donation from LSR to SCCWSC (net zero or possible positive cash inflow)
o Of course, SCCWSC members are welcome to ski the tournament as well!!
o SCCWSC Members are welcome to come out whether they are skiing in the
tournament or not. Some options:
– Camping all weekend
– Ski Friday Practice whether they are skiing in the tournament or not. We should give priority to tournament skiers but that’s usually no problem.
Last year the boat sat for much of the afternoon.
– SCCWSC Members are also invited to stay Sat and are welcome to ski after the tournament finishes on Sat. Probably 5pm to dusk.
– SCCWSC Members are welcome to stay for the dinner hosted on sight Sat evening.

OLD business
• Alternate sites but based on what we know, Chesbro might be best then Uvas as possible
sites. The park sites each have a head Ranger that we would work with. TBD pending
pond situation once bladder dam project starts.

• Planning for Spring banquet. Date still TBD
• Berkeley late of Feb social. Info TBD

Adjournment 7:38pm.

Gordon J
Gordon S
Steve D
Chuck H
John C
Larry C
Mark N
Above plus:
Scott S
Scot G
Don F

Sept 1, 2022 General Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 1, 2022 at 7:00 PM
This month’s meeting will be starting at 7:00 PM and will be conducted on ZOOM. The link will be provided via email.

General Session Call to Order 7:00 PM

• Attendees: Gordon S, Gordon J, John C, Jerry H, Dave O, Scot G, Perry, Erin M, Daren B

Guest welcome
• None

Learn-to-Ski – Larry Connor
• Calero, two P&R and one B&G Clubs
o Got very crowded in the afternoon, safety for kids / boat owner liability. Need to look at alternate sites (with water)
o Propose to P&R closing Calero for a number of hours on L2S days
• Raffle
o Jan Olsen (back up is Dave Olson)
o Mark Norman (back up is Gordon Jensen)

Treasurer / Dues – John Collins
• Propose $75/year to maintain at no-water level

Corresponding / Recording Secretary – Chuck Hammond (Gordon Jensen)
• Nothing to report

VP Facilities – John Crivello (Gordon Simmons)
• L2S gear, buoys, etc. will go back to Landscape4U (thanks Daren)
• Work party needed to clear out brush, inspect anchors, docks, etc.
o Target October. Gordon S to schedule

• Proposed Berkeley dues reduced to $350. Should happen in November.
o SCCWSC fast track, no initiation fee or other requirements

VP Tournaments – Kevin Bishop/ Scott Anger
• Opportunity to participate in GA July 16-17, 23
o Lakeside did both last two years, found it difficult. They are interested in us doing one day (July 16-17, 2023)
 Have chief judge, chief scorer, chief safety. Need chief boat driver (possibly Kevin will be up and can do it)
o Club agreed to submit proposal. Send to Scott Anger. Needs to be finalized with Lakeside AND AWSA by end of November so it gets into regional guide, etc.

Sergeant at Arms report – Gordon Jensen
• Insurance: Updating records as renewal notices come in, will review all when we get water
• Mussels: No mussel inspection monitoring until we get water

OLD business
• Alternate Sites
o Gordon G will schedule meeting/call with P&R on Chesboro (Chesboro now too low to launch), Calero (portable/submersible course)
o Perc pond. Gordon J will reach out to water district on perc plans (and bladder dam)

NEW Business
• Board elections in October
• Bladder Dam: no update. Need to see if any work done. If working on it, should bode well for water

• Gordon S HOA has facilities that could be used

Adjournment: 7:40


May Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 6 2021 at 7:00 PM
Prepared by Chuck Hammond. Please correct or append as required
Called to order at 7: by President Gordon Simmons
Attendance: Mike S, Chuck H., John C., Bill B., Larry G., Kevin B., Dave O., Steve D. Russ
S., Steve D., Lynda V, Gordon S., Gordon J., Jay V.,
Guests: Dave Greenwood
April minutes approved
Presidents Message:
Thanks for joining the Zoom Meeting!
No new business. Gordon S. has two potential members.
Plenty of Money. Budget on track for a “Normal Water” year.
Spending a bit more on maintenance than planned, no adjustments recommended.
June non-refundable insurance is due $1500. Motion approved.
 Work party went well. Thanks to those who participated. Mowing, Tules, Dock board
replacement/staining and course maintenance.
 North Gate Ball offset has been root caused to a missing piece of foam letting the PVC tube
lay over sideways when water is low.
 Wally Buoy’s ordered. Atmospheric pressure adequate
 County Open – Scott working on officials for Sept 25th. USAWS loosened boat rules, have
three in the club. Need to sanction, Russ will help.
 SCCWSC will not be sponsoring a Grand American day at LS 7/17-18. Saturday is 40 skiers
and will include head to head. Sunday will be 45 skiers.
6/11 and 8/27 for Friday Afternoon Tournaments. 20 skiers only will fill up fast.
Sargent of Arms:
All Insurance up to date. Next inspection is Scott Anger. Mish Chadwick needs to be
inspected for pond access
Members at Large:
 Nothing to report
Public Relations:
 L2S – Looking less promising than last month. Open for idea’s for PR
Old Business:
New Business
 No report
Meeting adjourned at 7:48

Dedicated to the sport of water skiing