Pond Work Party – April 17th Big Success

I would like to thank everyone that helped at the pond today! We got quite a bit done. Our mowing group blazed it early. Jerry started mowing again at 730( he put in a day previous to today) and Scot Graham was also weed whacking away when I showed up. They kept on until the entire area was done, and looked like an estate.
Dave Olsen was head of the tulle clearing group. Dave, along with Greg Olsen, Chuck Hammond, Scott Shipley, Bill Burke, and Russ Selsor. Pulled tulles, and cleared the ramp making it safer and easier to use. Great job guys.
Gordon Simmons headed up the course division. With John Gambello bringing his boat and Captain we fixed several clips, buoys, and subfloats. We also found one of the north end gate subfloats needs the flotation repaired, which we will do at a later date.
Finally Steve Dachauer head of dock division, brought boards and supplies. Working this division was Derik Benson and Brad Conger. They replaced boards, cleaned, and stained both docks, benches, railings, and I think most everything that was nailed down. This was the last to finish staying until the job was done.
Many people worked in different areas also. Doug Klang did lots of cleaning, Art showed up and supervised, and max walked through the wet stain.
We accomplished a lot, the place looks great. If I missed anyone I’m sorry and please let me know so I can update.

Thank You to all who were able to help, especially our division and group leaders.

John Crivello

April 1st General Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 7:30 PM
Prepared by Chuck Hammond. Please correct or append as required
Called to order at 7:24 by President Gordon Simmons
Attendance: Gordon S, Dave O, Larry C, Gordon J, Brad Conger, John C, Jay V, Russ S, Don F, Doug F
Guests: None
March minutes approved
Presidents Message:
– Thanks for joining the Zoom Meeting!
 – Welcome to new member Russ Selsor, Congratulations!
–  Normal ski year, normal budget, maintain facilities, normal work hours, normal meeting requirements for participation discount
– Membership not participating in meetings, very poor attendance last two meetings (with Zoom little excuse not to attend)
– Spring Clean Up w Work Day plan
– Grass needs to be mowed
– Course maintenance (purchase new boat guides, adjust height of all as needed)
-Gordon S will get with John Crivello to plan/schedule
– Lakeside booked both tournaments
– Offer to SCCWSC to run one
–  VP tournament need to reach out to officials, confirm can support/run, then
back to club to approve to run one
–  County Open: Scott Anger is to register. No status update
– Russ Selsor says we can probably get the $100 LATE fee waived
– Scott is to work with Russ
Sargent of Arms:
– All insurance and inspections up to date with exception of Mish
Members at Large:
– No report
Public Relations:
– L2S
– P&R: They have no idea at this point (not getting to people who understand
– B&G clubs: They don’t know if they will be open, will advise if a change
– Larry advised both we are able and willing. He will reach out to both again, but don’t expect that we’ll have any LTS this year due to continued Covid restrictions
Old Business:
– Railing was fixed by Parks and Rec.
New Business:
– None
– There is interest, but no concrete plans yet. Need more participation at meetings
Meeting adjourned at 7:45

April 17th, 2021 POND Work Party

Well everyone it’s that time of year again. We’re having a work party on 4/17/21 at 900. Projects we need to accomplish are…

Weed wack and mow
General clean up
Clean graffiti on the porta potty
Clear tulles at the launch ramp
Check dock for loose screws
Possibly some course work

Please let me know if you can make it. Also let me know anything else we need to do.

John Crivello

Club Dues

Per our bylaws, Club Dues must be paid by the November Meeting. Since meetings are done by Zoom, Members need to mail their dues and they must be post marked by November 4th, 2020. The Board decided to reduce Dues this year only to $130.00 for every membership. In addition due to COVID kind of year all requirements for work hours, number of meetings, and current AWSA membership status have been waived.

Please send to the SCCWSC Post Office Box at this address:

PO Box 24622
San Jose, CA 95154


County Open Summary

As a Club we exceeded expectations by raising $4,000 for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. This was done through generous donations from all the Skiers, Friends of the Club and Special Ski Day events before and after the main event: The County Open – Carving for Crohn’s. Thank you to all!

A HUGE thank you to all who helped in Planning, Participating, Supporting and otherwise helping out on this event. It isn’t possible without your contributions and effort.

It’s takes a big effort to put on an event like this and pull it off as effective as this club can do given our site. Thanks to:
1. Tournament Director (Scott) and Chief Driver (Kevin) who started just weeks in advance when it looked it was actually going to happen getting Boats lined up, Towers Cleared/Built, folks signed up and committed, and arranging for a 2-day Tournament which allowed us to move it to the Epic conditions on Sunday.
2. All the Judges (skiers and Non-skiers alike) who worked the Towers and Boat making the tough calls (I really made those gates) so that these epic scores were official.
3. Scoring (Donna, Diane) for sitting at the laptop all day.
4. Registration (Mish) for handling the paperwork. (Really, patio furniture to the Pond?)
5. All the skiers for signing up and putting down some great scores. The Parents of the Boys 1-3 up and coming future of the club keep them going.
6. To Scott and Remi for Donating their Boats to this Tournament to make it all possible! As Kevin stated getting Promo boats to the Pond is no longer realistic and with Covid-19, Inspections, Costs, and our guaranteed EPIC conditions it not hard to understand.
7. The behind the scene hero’s that jumped in to do whatever it took to pull this Off:
a. Jerry and his Duck Boat(inspected) tulle clearing, Sign Painting, efforts
b. The work party folks (Brad, Doug, Russ, Jeff B (really), etc…) Clearing branches and providing Direction on what to cut in the water (for the record they all saw different stuff)
c. Those who stuck around to Clear the site and Clean the boats – the dirty work! Jeff Bense is still looking for his Eagle Black/Silver vest, if anyone found it
d. To our Spouses, Friends, and Families who put up with us living our dream of chasing that next buoy we may never get because __________ (fill in the blank)!
e. To everyone who participated in any way that I have left off or forgot to mention.

Look for Photo’s and Scores on Our Website at: www.SCCWSC.org

We really should do this again sometime.

Have fun on the water, September and October are VERY GOOD months for skiing the pond.

THANK YOU for all the support in the 2020 SCCWSC COUNTY OPEN

John Collins

Dedicated to the sport of water skiing