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The POND is OPEN on May 23

It is with pleasure that the SCCWSC Board can inform you that skiing is back at the Pond. The Santa Clara County Parks Department has published (and we have posted on the Dock) the following Safety Protocols that our membership must strictly adhere to. If you can’t meet these protocols you are not allowed to launch your boat. NO Exceptions.

All of this is subject to change per County guidelines and if it does look for it on this distribution and our website at SCCWSC.Org

Boating Begins Saturday, May 23
Make your reservation today!

Boating reservations are now available to resume recreational power and non-power boating activities. Boating is limited to single boaters or members of the same household only. Boating is permitted at Calero, Coyote Lake and Stevens Creek (non-power boating only) County Parks starting Saturday, May 23, 2020 with a reservation. Reservations are required 7 days a week for both power and non-power boats. Please visit to book your boating reservation.

Please review and practice the new safety protocols for recreational boating.

• Allowed use is limited to a single operator or within members of your household.
• All inspection forms must be filled out and signed prior to inspection.
• Reservations are required for power and non-power boats.
• All persons must maintain a minimum of 6ft. of physical distance from other individual(s) at all times.
• All vehicles must be placed in PARK and please remain in your vehicle when approached by a boat inspector or park staff.
• Wearing a face mask is strongly urged. A mask should be on your person at all times and readily available for use.
• Groups and gatherings are prohibited.
• If you have a fever, cough or feel unwell, please stay at home or seek medical attention from your health care provider.
• In addition to COVID-19 requirements, all other SCCP boating restrictions and rules apply.
Please follow all guidelines & recommendations from the CDC, State and County Public Health Departments.

In addition, the SCCWSC Board has developed the following guidelines for the Dock at the POND:
Social Distancing must be maintained throughout the Water Skiing exercise activity by all persons who are not members of the same household while waiting for their turn to ski. This includes but is not limited to:
*All Members on the Dock will be required to wear face Masks when NOT skiing. No exceptions and this is NOT Optional. If you don’t wear a mask you will be asked to leave.
*If there is no room on the Dock to maintain social distance please move to the area at the top of the steps.
*Members must exit the property immediately after completing activities, no gatherings allowed.

Sanitary Practices should be maintained throughout the experience. This includes but is not limited to:
*All members will use their OWN ski equipment and will NOT touch other members gear.
*All Boat owners will add the necessary products to their boat to provide regular sanitized Seating, Steering and other unavoidable touch points in order to ensure sanitized space for Boat Driver/Spotter. Cleaning shall occur with each change of Household Crew.
Compliance, Enforcement and Consequences if Saftey Protocol is Not Observed
Members are responsible throughout the day to enforce all required protocol. Those observed out of compliance will be reminded to adhere to all protocol, be asked to leave, and/or suspended from the club.

ALL other SCCWSC Rules and guidelines remain in place.

Waterskiing with Social Distancing in place

Can Waterskiing be allowed under the current Social Distancing recommendations in Santa Clara County? Lets hope so.

In other parts of the state it seems to be possible!  The Skier below ran a PB of 1/2 @38 Off under these difficult conditions.

Stay tuned, for now the POND remains CLOSED to skiing until further notice.

The Porta Potty remains open as essential.

Just Saying!

Slalom Course is in!

THE SLALOM COURSE IS IN!! Thank you to John Crivello for swimming for two hours tying up slalom balls and boat guides. Thanks to Kevin Bishop for bringing his boat and assisting with tying up hooks and bungee cord while driving the boat to the next sub-float. The course is as straight as it ever was and drives the same as always. Kevin ran right up through 38 off and got 3 @ 39 in a stiff tail wind. Water depth is perfect and still not horribly cold. A reminder that there will be some floating debris for awhile. The good news is we cut a lot of weeds. The bad news is with a north wind those weeds wind up at the launch ramp. Bring a rake. Get your boats inspected and let’s get some water skiing in before snow skiing takes over.