SCCWSC County OPEN is On for Sunday September 15th.

Thanks to all for making a commitment to make this happen once again at the POND.

SCCWSC County Open Skier List as of 8/31. If your NOT on it and you want to be contact Scott Anger or John Collins.

(NOTE: This is NOT the Official Running order as that needs to be determined by the Tournament committee. It will be posted here once finalized, but no later than Sept 12th.)

Renz Mason B2
Wheelus Thomas M2
Sullivan Mike M4
Fournier Doug M4
Renz Christopher M4
Anger Scott M4
Thomas Remi M4
Brandt Matt M4
Graham Scot M5
Klang Doug M5
Normandin Mark M5
Rodas Michael M5
Wheelus Timothy M5
Crivello John M5
Dachauer Steve M6
Collins John M6
Shipley Scott M6
Jensen Gordon M6
Bense Jeffrey M7
Heinrichs Jerry M9
Fournier Don MA
Bishop Kevin MM
Chadwick Mish W4
Rodas Denise W6