SCCWSC County Open – Sept 15 Running Order

This is official Running Order as of Monday 9/9/19.  This running order is subject to change (ADDS/DELETES only). Three (3) groups were designed taking into account: Boat Choice, Availible Boat Drivers, and Judges. The 3 Groups were then randomly Drawn without any knowledge of who was in which group by my BOSS.  In the end the “C” group was chosen first, then the BB Group and of Course the “AA” group was last.  We will use the same running order for each Round.

More To Follow:  Kevin has plans for the Team Competition! Stay Tuned

SCCWSC County Open
Last Name First Name Dv Home City SL SLM
———— ———- — ———— — —–
Team Mastercraft
1 Dachauer Steve M6 Redwood City CC 1
2 Collins John M6 San Jose CC 68.64
3 Shipley Scott M6 Mount Hermon CC 70
4 Jensen Gordon M6 Campbell CC 71
5 Bense Jeffrey M7 San Jose CC 1
6 Simmons Gordon M7 Scotts Valley CC 2
7 Heinrichs Jerry M9 San Jose CC 71.49
8 Conger Brad M9 Redwood City CC 86.00
9 Fournier Don MA Sunnyvale CC 74.67
10 Rodas Denise W6 Los Gatos CC

Team Ski Nautique
11 Volosing Lynda W7 San Jose AA 1
12 Chadwick Mish W4 Los Gatos AA 81.00
13 Matthews Paul M6 Lincoln AA 93.17
14 Anger Scott M4 San Jose AA 93.17
15 Rodas Michael M5 Los Gatos AA 4
16 Wheelus Timothy M5 Corral De Tierra AA 5
17 Bishop Kevin MM San Jose AA 106.33
18 Wheelus Thomas M2 Corral De Tierra AA

Team Mastercraft
19 Renz Mason B2 Oakland BB 29.25
20 Sullivan Mike M4 Morgan Hill BB 1
21 Fournier Doug M4 Campbell BB 2
22 Renz Christopher M4 Oakland BB 91.67
23 Thomas Remi M4 Atherton BB 98.83
24 Brandt Matt M4 Pleasanton BB 99.83
25 Graham Scot M5 Campbell BB 1
26 Klang Doug M5 San Jose BB 2
27 Normandin Mark M5 San Jose BB 3
28 Crivello John M5 Scotts Valley BB 88.83

Non-skiing Officials
Collins Donna OF San Jose
Rodrigues Art OF San Jose
Walker Diane OF Santa Cruz 74.70
Heitmann Hank OF Santa Cruz