SCCWSC County OPEN, Sept 15th – Running Order / Work list

Here is the Running order as of Fri the 13th. It is subject to ADDs/Deletes. For planning purposes we run about 10 skiers a/hour. but if your not on the dock ready to ski when its your Turn you will be skipped.

Also included here is the Assigned Judging slots base on when our judges ski. If this doesn’t work for you let me know ASAP. I still have some openings to fill and if we get good Replique Montre Suisse weather and 3rd round is Held everyone will need to step up again to judge. As you know it takes 3 judges to watch 1 skier fall on their opener or get a personal Best.

For those of you without ratings we need help on the Dock as a “Dock Starter” and Rope Handler.