Feb Minutes

Pond is fully operational!!!!


Grand American July 18 & 19 . 18th is Lakeside’s and 19th is Santa Clara.

County Open – September TBD

CA Pro-Am – Weekend before Labor Day

Jerry is working on 2 FUN tournaments 8/22 & 9/12. 1 Round 8am, ski as you show up. Mini Course will be 4 passes, with flexibility for fun for the kids+ trophies. Motion carried.


will start to work on the weights, prepare to work on the course.

Mussel Inspection

All current, need picture of tag from Scot Graham


33 singles, 2 families, 9 slackers… I mean in-actives, and 2 lifetimes


Expenses are rising, mostly the toilet. Should break even this year. No extra funds for entertainment. Tournaments need to make money – and or we need some sponsors likeĀ  https://www.Landscape4Uinc.com to step up. Raising dues tabled for 2020.



Thank you MISH for hosting the meeting!