County Open Summary

As a Club we exceeded expectations by raising $4,000 for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. This was done through generous donations from all the Skiers, Friends of the Club and Special Ski Day events before and after the main event: The County Open – Carving for Crohn’s. Thank you to all!

A HUGE thank you to all who helped in Planning, Participating, Supporting and otherwise helping out on this event. It isn’t possible without your contributions and effort.

It’s takes a big effort to put on an event like this and pull it off as effective as this club can do given our site. Thanks to:
1. Tournament Director (Scott) and Chief Driver (Kevin) who started just weeks in advance when it looked it was actually going to happen getting Boats lined up, Towers Cleared/Built, folks signed up and committed, and arranging for a 2-day Tournament which allowed us to move it to the Epic conditions on Sunday.
2. All the Judges (skiers and Non-skiers alike) who worked the Towers and Boat making the tough calls (I really made those gates) so that these epic scores were official.
3. Scoring (Donna, Diane) for sitting at the laptop all day.
4. Registration (Mish) for handling the paperwork. (Really, patio furniture to the Pond?)
5. All the skiers for signing up and putting down some great scores. The Parents of the Boys 1-3 up and coming future of the club keep them going.
6. To Scott and Remi for Donating their Boats to this Tournament to make it all possible! As Kevin stated getting Promo boats to the Pond is no longer realistic and with Covid-19, Inspections, Costs, and our guaranteed EPIC conditions it not hard to understand.
7. The behind the scene hero’s that jumped in to do whatever it took to pull this Off:
a. Jerry and his Duck Boat(inspected) tulle clearing, Sign Painting, efforts
b. The work party folks (Brad, Doug, Russ, Jeff B (really), etc…) Clearing branches and providing Direction on what to cut in the water (for the record they all saw different stuff)
c. Those who stuck around to Clear the site and Clean the boats – the dirty work! Jeff Bense is still looking for his Eagle Black/Silver vest, if anyone found it
d. To our Spouses, Friends, and Families who put up with us living our dream of chasing that next buoy we may never get because __________ (fill in the blank)!
e. To everyone who participated in any way that I have left off or forgot to mention.

Look for Photo’s and Scores on Our Website at:

We really should do this again sometime.

Have fun on the water, September and October are VERY GOOD months for skiing the pond.

THANK YOU for all the support in the 2020 SCCWSC COUNTY OPEN

John Collins