April 1st General Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 7:30 PM
Prepared by Chuck Hammond. Please correct or append as required
Called to order at 7:24 by President Gordon Simmons
Attendance: Gordon S, Dave O, Larry C, Gordon J, Brad Conger, John C, Jay V, Russ S, Don F, Doug F
Guests: None
March minutes approved
Presidents Message:
– Thanks for joining the Zoom Meeting!
 – Welcome to new member Russ Selsor, Congratulations!
–  Normal ski year, normal budget, maintain facilities, normal work hours, normal meeting requirements for participation discount
– Membership not participating in meetings, very poor attendance last two meetings (with Zoom little excuse not to attend)
– Spring Clean Up w Work Day plan
– Grass needs to be mowed
– Course maintenance (purchase new boat guides, adjust height of all as needed)
-Gordon S will get with John Crivello to plan/schedule
– Lakeside booked both tournaments
– Offer to SCCWSC to run one
–  VP tournament need to reach out to officials, confirm can support/run, then
back to club to approve to run one
–  County Open: Scott Anger is to register. No status update
– Russ Selsor says we can probably get the $100 LATE fee waived
– Scott is to work with Russ
Sargent of Arms:
– All insurance and inspections up to date with exception of Mish
Members at Large:
– No report
Public Relations:
– L2S
– P&R: They have no idea at this point (not getting to people who understand
– B&G clubs: They don’t know if they will be open, will advise if a change
– Larry advised both we are able and willing. He will reach out to both again, but don’t expect that we’ll have any LTS this year due to continued Covid restrictions
Old Business:
– Railing was fixed by Parks and Rec.
New Business:
– None
– There is interest, but no concrete plans yet. Need more participation at meetings
Meeting adjourned at 7:45