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Santa Clara County Water Ski Club (SCCWSC) is more than just a non-profit Water Ski Club. We are thankful for our ski site, and as a token of our appreciation, we try to give back a little something to our surroundings, our community, and to the environment. Below are a few examples:


Each year we host up to six  “Learn to Ski Days” for youths in our neighboring communities, giving them an opportunity to experience water skiing, wakeboarding or kneeboarding. We schedule time  for the kids from the San Jose parks and Recreation Department and the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Clara County. Each of those organizations organizes summer youth programs, and the Learn to Ski days are just one of the many activities they provide for our young people. Volunteers from our club take a little time off work during the week, come down to our ski site (near Monterey Highway and Metcalf in south San Jose) – we provide tips on water safety, introduce them to boating, and of course we teach them how to ski! We provide the boats, equipment, and all other resources for the kids. It’s great time for all!!


Coyote Creek runs through our water supply, and each year we organize work parties, and our volunteer members band together and clean a one-half-mile section of the Creek water system south of our site – policing for litter, bottles, and other refuge. We also police the surrounding areas and encourage other passers-by to keep the area clean.


As many are aware, MTBE was a chemical gas-additive mandated by the U.S. Government to allow for repliche orologi di lusso cleaner burning fuels. What they didn’t know at the time was that MTBE leaves behind carcinogenic toxins in the water supply. The Government then mandated that all Petroleum Companies remove MTBE by 2004.

We are proud to say that as soon as the public was made aware of the health risks MTBE posed, SCCWSC banned use of MTBE fuels in our boats. The only gas allowed was from Union 76 gas stations because it was MTBE-free.


Junior Development is a Committee formed by our Governing body, USA Water Ski, which assists in the skiing development of young people across the nation. SCCWSC hosts several events each year that raise money for Junior Development, whereby or volunteers donate their time to administer these functions. As a Club, each year we donate money to this cause as well.

We are proud to do what we can for Santa Clara County, and we are proud to be members of SCCWSC.

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