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Celebrate Metcalf Pond!

Channel 2 KTVU contacted the club to do a warm weather clip for the 90 degree day on April 6th. Here’s KTVU April 6th News

Old Helicopter Video

Old Helicopter Video

Next Meeting

Thursday May 5th at Almaden Center 7pm

Paul’s Poetry

Mother Nature Has Filled The Pond
And For The Most Part We Feel Rather Blessed
ironic The Rain, Is Now Causing Pain
As Our Patience Is Put To The Test

the Water Is Calling – “come Down And Ski!”
But The Clouds Have A Mind Of Their Own
28? 32? We’re Felling So Blue
As We Sit In Our Sadness At Home

Scott Shipley Just Texted; He’s Aborting The Mission
A Decision That Took Careful Thought
from Scott’s Valley You Know, Is A Long Way To Tow
Just To Sit In The Pond Parking Lot

oh Well This Is Still A Great Problem To Have
There’s Many More Days To Come
erase All Those The Frowns Cause You Know We’ll Be Down
To The Pond ………… With Plenty Of Sun!!

Club Member Page

Is now Mobile Friendly! Please review your contact information on the Club Roster (1st PDF link). Contact Daren Barry with any changes.  As of this post  only 8 Straglers need to update their contact info… you’re highlighted in yellow on the Club Roster

Meeting Minutes 4/7/16

Thank you Denise, Mike, Donna, Norma, Jerry, and Sandy for organizing and preparing the dinner!

Pond is full and members are skiing!

Big Thanks to:

Jerry Heinrich’s continued support over the last year to keep the pond ready.

Steve D for storing and getting the sub-floats ready.

Gordon Jensen for putting the mussel inspection together.


Eric just learned to ski last year, looking forward to learning the course.


Pauli is moving to Rocklin, will serve til May…. then we need a New Prez.

VP Public Relations:

4 LTS Scheduled, might up to 6. Calero vs. pond?

VP Tournaments:

Scott will schedule 3-4 fun tournaments at the pond. We have Grand American Class C at Lakeside in July

VP Membership:

35 Active, 4 inactive, 5 prospective members. Reminder about ASWA membership cards, please email a PDF copy to Andrew Rhind


Great work parties for course installation and clean up. Be aware of floaters coming from the creek. Need a bumper on the new South Deck Piling (Watch out Mastercraft owners).

Sgt at Arms:

Need insurance: Crivello, Manas, Jim Scott, Barry (emailed at meeting), Verkler. Gordon has the keys to the pond. Work thru Gordon for the initial inspection and then this will shift to S/A. This is a CRITICAL part of our operation, ANY violation is basis for the entire club expulstion from the pond… FOREVER! Inspection procedure and paper work is available in the members section.


Have money, needed a vote to approve the balanced budget. Approved.

Course Caretaker:

Few bouys are riding high and need tuning.
Add water if needed.

Webmaster Daren Barry4u375