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Message about Scott Johnson

I wanted to give you an update on Scott Johnson.  He is keeping up the good fight.  After a round of radiation and chemo, he contracted a form of Menengitis which the doctors have finally gotten under control.   He had been weak and dilusional, but is now more coherent and ready for the next round of chemo.  Scott is working to muscle through this and make his way toward rehab in order to build on his strength to go home.  We are informed that the 2nd and 3rd rounds of chemo or more difficult so your continued prayers to bring Scott his wish are greatly appreciated.  His Mom and Stepfather from Virginia have been here for two months and greatly appreciate the kindness extended from the club, in particular, flowers received on Scott’s 48th birthday earlier this month and the card signed by members attending the last meeting.

Many have asked if there is anything they can do, and I have a really good vehicle for you.  An account has been opened – with an initial donation from the club – with Anthony (Scott’s son) as the beneficiary.  All proceeds will go towards Anthony’s education.  The account information is:

Wells Fargo – 7217608368 
You can donate at any branch, or feel free to send me your check and I will take care of:

Louise Garcia

Eskimo Escapades Foundation

  I am on the board for Eskimo Escapades Foundation which hosts a winter water ski charity event in downtown Knoxville, TN each January. January 10, 2009 will be our 15th event so we have partnered with MasterCraft to make this the best event ever. We will be raffling off a brand new 2009 MasterCraft X-1 wakeboard boat at the event. The boat has custom wrap graphics, tower, tower speakers, cover and trailer. We will be selling 1,000 tickets for $100 each. So you give $100 to a great charity, and you get a 1 in 1,000 chance to win an awesome boat. You can see the boat online (and purchase tickets) at . If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, you can contact me as well. Please forward this to any one you might think would be interested in the raffle. TIME IS RUNNING OUT so make your donation today and get a chance to win a 2009 MasterCraft.


Eskimo Escapades benefits three charities — the Dream Connection which fulfills dreams for seriously ill kids in East Tennessee, the Patricia Neal IRC which is an outreach program of Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center that provides recreational opportunities for individuals with spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, and Adventure Amputee Camp. Adventure Amputee Camp is a charity we added for 2009 because we are going to raise so much money with the boat raffle. AAC hosts amputee kids from throughout the United States for a kids’ camp in North Carolina each year. The campers only have to pay a $25 registration fee for the camp which costs between $500-$600 per child. EEF is going to donate money to help pay for as many campers as we can. The camp is an opportunity for the kids to be with many other kids like them and learn, grow and share experiences. Many of our EEF volunteers have been volunteering at the camp since 2001 because the last camp day is water ski day on Fontana Lake. We are proud that the campers inevitably say that is their FAVORITE day. Speaking from experience, it is quite overwhelming when you see a grocery cart full of prosthetic arms and legs (these expensive devices for the most part don’t float so the kids leave their limbs on the dock). But I quickly learned the kids are just like other kids, and I get the treat of having them all sing me Happy Birthday because my birthday is always within a day or two (twice it has been on my Bday) of my birthday. We’ve watched kids grow up, and watched kids overcome adversity — a girl whose leg was amputated after a boating accident get in a boat for the first time following her accident. EEF is proud to add AAC as an officially beneficiary of our charity winter water ski event!

Kelli L. Thompson