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August Meeting & President’s Message

Congratulations to all the Western Regional medal winners from our club. Our club was well represented. Just think if we could ski year around,we would be domineering.

Our next general meeting will be on Thursday, August 14, 2008. The meeting will be at Parma Park just off Almaden Expressway and Camden. The meeting will start at 1900 hrs and we will have Pizza and drinks. Denise Rodas was nice enough to volunteer to pick up the pizzas. We will charge 5.00 dollars a person. We will also have our annual swap meet so bring your used equipment (boat ,ski, clothing ,sport) and see if you can sell,swap or give away all that equipment you have stored in your garage.

I have not heard any official word on our water situation as we speak so keep skiing and hope for rain,snow,sleet,ice,anything with water in it for next year. See you Thursday,Jeff